Exhibit Designer Job Description

An exhibit designer is a person expert in designing movie, theatre, or television sets. These people study the scripts and interact with directors to understand the requirements of the play and design the sets accordingly. An exhibit designer may also conduct research to determine appropriate architectural styles and design a set as per the requirements. They may also design a set for a company's product launch, trade show, exhibition, etc. The exhibit designer responsibilities include interacting with the clients, understanding their requirements, understanding the product, and designing a set accordingly.

An exhibit designer designs preliminary drawings for all upcoming exhibits and prepares construction layouts. He or she then decides all material specifications and assist in acquisition of all specimens. The exhibit designer also coordinates with the vendors to complete the exhibit and ensure requirements as per the agreement. The exhibit designer designs a plan and submits it for client's verification and approval. He or she also estimates all costs and generates a budget for the same. The designers also prepare sketches for all interior displays and supervise the artworks and materials used in exhibits.

The exhibit designers ensure the clarification of all plans and follow to specifications. They supervise their staff and interact with the client to design all themes as decided by the client. Before actually finalizing the design, they analyze all the design concepts and assist the design team to make changes wherever necessary. The exhibit designer also prepares proposals presented to the clients and maintains an understanding of all product requirements. The job of an exhibit designer is a highly responsible one and requires highly cooperative, supervising, management, and artistic skills.

To start a career as an exhibit designer, a candidate must thoroughly understand the responsibilities, skills, and educational qualifications required for this job. The below given information about the educational qualification, skills, and exhibit designer job responsibilities will help you to understand the work profile and duties of an exhibit designer. This information will also help you in planning your career in this field.

Educational Qualification Required

A candidate applying for a job of an exhibit designer must be an expert in interior designing, industrial or product designing, graphics designing, and/or architecture. The candidate must at least possess a bachelor's degree in fine arts which includes designing, sketching, art, and art history. Now-a-days, employers prefer candidates having good knowledge of various designing computer applications. Employers also prefer candidates having master's degree in fine arts and some professional experience in exhibit designing.

Key Skills

Expert designing is the major skill required by an exhibit designer. However, he must also possess some of the following key skills:

Exhibit Designer Responsibilities

Designing and planning the set are the major job responsibilities of an exhibit designer. The exhibit designer is, however, responsible of undertaking other responsibilities which are as follows:


According to various surveys, the average annual salary of an exhibit designer ranges in between $25,000 to $52,000. The exhibits also receive various incentives according to their work. The salary of an exhibit designer is based on his qualification, experience, as well as the industry in which he is working.

The above mentioned details about exhibit designer responsibilities will guide you with all the major tasks carried out by an exhibit designer. The skills and educational qualifications mentioned above will also help you in planning your career as an exhibit designer.

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