Fashion Designer Responsibilities

Fashion designers are involved in creating designer clothing and apparels apt for certain occasions. They design and develop the fashion range for various fashion areas including high street fashion, ready-to-wear, and haute couture. Some designers may opt to specialize on certain specialist areas and may design garments only for certain field / occasion like sportswear children's wear, wedding dresses, footwear, or accessories.

The main area of fashion designers comprise:

Key Responsibilities

Fashion designers design apparels and accessories for men, women, and children of all ages. Depending on that they need to design each piece which suits their target consumer accordingly. For that, they need to study international fashion trends, sketch designs based on ideas, choose color, fabric and style, etc., to create a new look with it, and supervise the further production of that design.

A successful designer has the quality of perceiving the future, and thus she stays ahead of the trends. Market research is the primary requirement for designing an apparel which is in conformity with the current trend. As it takes between 18 to 24 months approximately for an idea to develop into a fashion apparel, a fashion designer has to stay two seasons ahead of the current trend for designing an apparel that matches the trend that would appear in the future.

The key responsibilities of a fashion designer comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required for being eligible to work in the fashion industry is a bachelor's / associate degree in fashion designing, clothing technology, or fashion marketing. One can also obtain a degree in a relevant field of fashion, textiles, knitwear, or graphic designing to get entry-level opportunities in the fashion industry. Moreover, a fashion designer must have a strong background in textiles, strong inclination towards fashion trends, and a keen eye for observing and predicting the future trends. To enter into the fashion industry as a fashion designer, one must also have strong portfolio samples demonstrating one's previous work in designing. A postgraduate degree in fashion designing is considered, but not recommended.

Along with the educational qualifications, one must also possess certain skills which aide the designers. Skills requirement for obtaining better position in the fashion industry comprise:

Working Conditions

Self-employed designers work on their own will, while the designers hired by organizations have to work 40 hours per week in shifts. The shift timings may be fixed or rotational, depending on the organizational requirements. During on-season, they may have to work longer and meet various professionals from the fashion industry for promoting their collection. They may also attend fashion shows, exhibitions, and visit the clients personally for creating their designs accordingly.

Fashion designers work in a small studio or in a workshop and are surrounded by clothes, designs, and accessories from which they create complete apparels. They spend most of their time on the sewing machine. Sometimes, they also travel to international fashion destinations like London, New York, Paris and Rome for observing the latest international fashion trends. The job of fashion designers require one to have a great fashion sense and show lots of creativity in their work. If you wish to get into the fashion industry, having a look at the roles and responsibilities of a fashion designer might prove beneficial for you.

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