Interaction Designer Responsibilities

We all are familiar with advanced technologies such as computer, laptops, palmtops, mobile phone, ipads, etc. We use these devices on a daily basis and our preferences are based on how easy and user friendly a particular device is. One of the factors that plays a critical role in determining the popularity and usability of any such gadget is the interface or the interaction design. These designs are the work of an interaction designer, responsibilities of whom are to create interfaces for a specific application or a set of applications as well as devices.

Apart from developing interface for devices, an interaction designer also works for the development of interaction designs for websites. The websites and applications, in order to become popular, need to be useful and interactive because as long as it keeps the user engaged/entertained, it is valued. Thus, an interaction designer is in charge of developing such interaction designs that are actually easy to understand and use.

An interaction designer is an employee in multimedia and application development organizations. For a position in either domain, an interaction designer is required to be a highly creative thinker who can get into the minds of the target audiences and design what suits their preferences.

Most of the time, an interaction designer works in a team, either large or small, and has to coordinate with people at each and every step of the design process. This coordination is necessary for facilitating exchange of opinions, and thus achieving perfection through constant improvement in the design blueprint.

The responsibilities of an interaction designer have been provided below for further reference:

Meeting Clients

The work of an interaction designer begins when he/she meets and interacts with the clients. He/she has to understand what, why, and how a client needs the design done. This design can be for a website, application, or a combination or both. The very basic need here is to understand the vision of the client and accordingly communicate the project requirements to other people involved in the project.

Primary Interfacing

A primary interface is the outlay. It acts as a base on which the interaction designer and other staff in the team have to create further elements of the design. The interaction designer, based on the brief given by the client, develops a primary interface and along with the team, he/she works for implementing and improving the elements of the design.

Finalizing Elements of the Design

Based on what is actually needed to keep the design functional and optimal, this professional finalizes various elements in the interface. These elements include the menu and sub menu, hypertext links, visuals, animated content, etc.

Resolve Technical Issues

During each project, a number of issues arise that bring a setback in the normal pace of project delivery. These issues are resolved by the interaction designer who with his/her technical expertise identifies the root cause of the conflict and provides prompt resolutions.

Impart Knowledge

Apart from being a crucial part of the design process, an interaction designer is required to provide necessary guidance and support to the colleagues. He/she may also conduct training sessions for new recruits and also conduct tests to assess their competency level.

Desired Skills in an Interaction Designer

Recruiters prefer to employ individuals who are:

Educational Requirements of an Interaction Designer

Apart from the skills mentioned above, an individual needs to complete his/her education with a degree level course in computer science, graphic design, fine arts, or a related course. While some organizations rely solely on the creativity and aptitude of candidates exhibited during the interview and other tests, other organizations need individuals who have a proven track record of working in a similar environment.

Career Scope for an Interaction Designer

An interaction designer, if working as an entry level professional, may earn anywhere between $35,000 to $50,000. For those with relevant experience and an impressive portfolio, the salary ranges anywhere between $80,000 to $130,000. Your salary will be based on your qualifications, experience, skills, and also on the policies of the company.

The interaction designer responsibilities serve the organization by fulfilling the requirements of the clients and enhancing the reputation of the organization by delivering quality through work.

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