Interactive Designer Responsibilities

There are a lot of interactive designs that you come across on a daily basis. These designs are found on your smartphones, desktops, laptops, ipads, and several other electronic devices. These designs are the brain-child of interactive designers who are assigned with the task of developing applications that amalgamate design and usability for the end users. Once you learn about the interactive designer responsibilities, you will be able to recognize the roles and importance of an individual working in this position to the world of technology.

Interactive design or interaction design, which initially began as a method of making computer programs interactive, has now reached a very advanced stage. An interactive designer conceptualizes the base design and adds various elements that make a website or an application interactive and interesting for the user.

Basically, the work of this designer begins when he/she meets or communicates with the clients and takes their brief for developing a concept. This is usually done in a team where there are copywriters, art directors, and other people who form the creative and technical team. Together they combine art and technology to render a visually appealing and useful application or website or a combination of both.

The job of the designer is not completed before going through different phases of design development process. There are several changes in the design and features and even after an application or website is made available for the users/visitors, the designer still keeps on improving the quality and functions through continuous research. This is the reason why the applications and websites keep getting better with time or sometimes, they lose charm owing to the new functions added. However, the sole intention of the designer remains fulfilling the functional requirements, even if it has an adverse effect.

The following description of interactive designer responsibilities highlights the involvement of this professional in different pursuits:

Developing Brief

The designer has to interact with clients, either in person or through telephone or video conferencing, and understand what they need to do in order to develop a brief and circulate it among the creative and technical team, so that everyone understands what they are expected to do.


Post briefing, this designer indulges in the process of developing primary interfaces for the applications or websites or both. These interface designs are the platform on which the team works and develops the final design through mutual efforts and brainstorming.

Implementing Functions and Features

He/she creates and incorporates various features such as menu, sub menu, hyperlinks, animations, audio visual, etc., and places it according to the theme of the website.

Testing and Troubleshooting

During and post designing, the interactive designer has to test the applications and websites in order to ensure that all the functions are working normally. Any technical glitches found are looked upon and resolved by him/her so that the users do not face any inconvenience.

Creating Online Campaigns

The job of the designer also includes creating and launching online marketing campaigns, writing and mailing newsletters, and monitoring the effectiveness of the campaigns on the digital medium.

Desired Skills in an Interactive Designer

To become and excel as an interactive designer, you need to be:

Educational Requirements of an Interactive Designer

Becoming an interactive designer is possible if you possess a degree in multimedia, applied arts, fine arts, or a related course work that helps you to learn visual aesthetics and principles of design along with the necessary techniques and applications used in application/web development.

Career Scope for an Interactive Designer

The average salary for the job of an interactive designer is $71,000. The actual compensation paid to individuals varies owing to their experience, knowledge, skills, and due to the differences in job location as well as in the salary structure of an organization. This salary is exclusive of the benefits and allowances offered by the organization.

Apart from the interactive designer responsibilities described above, some of you may have to handle additional tasks such as interviewing and training new staff or assisting in the administrative aspects as and when required.

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