Kitchen and Bath Designer Responsibilities

Kitchen and bathroom are an integral part of every home, and nowadays, of offices too. Owners and even tenants pay special attention and large amounts of money to design and personalize the kitchen and bathroom according to their preferences. This job is done by specialized individuals, commonly known as the kitchen and bath designers. They handle several job responsibilities on a given day and are expected to work for the satisfaction of the clients.

Before the designs are prepared and materials are brought in to be placed, a kitchen and bath designer surveys the site and communicates with the client to assess which designs, patterns, and materials would satiate the requirements of the client. Upon successful analysis of the clients' preferences and requirements, the designer communicates with the vendors and provides a detailed list of the materials required to design the kitchen and bathroom space.

A designer who specializes in decorating the kitchen and bathroom area does not always work alone. He/she may be asked to handle a team of designers who either work for different projects or look after a large scale project together. On the other hand, there are designers who are actually involved in the construction process of the kitchen and bathroom area, and they provide blueprints regarding the specifications and dimensions of both the areas.

The designer is responsible for completing all the projects in time so as to keep the clients happy with the services. This helps the construction company or the real estate developer to complete the construction on time and provide possession to the people who have already booked an apartment or commercial space within the structure.

All the responsibilities of a professional who specializes in designing kitchen and bathroom have been described below for your information.

Visiting Sites

Visiting sites and inspecting the kitchen and bathroom specifications are the basic responsibilities of a person specializing in kitchen and bathroom designing. This person is expected to assess the measurements and decide which designs and materials would be suitable according to the clients' requirements.

Drawing 3D Models

The designer has to create 3D models and share the same with the clients as well as the architects and construction staff. These models carry all the details of the various fittings and fixtures that will be installed in the kitchen and bathroom.


After the designer gets a clear idea regarding the requirements of the client, he/she has to provide the estimated costs that will go into the purchase and installation of fittings and fixtures and how the costs will vary depending on the quality of the materials.

Providing Material Requirements

Once the designs are finalized and approved by the clients, it becomes the responsibility of the designer to provide material requirements to the vendors. The designer is also expected to negotiate with different vendors and place the order to the vendor who can provide high quality materials at reasonable prices in order to curtail expenses.

Handling Team Members

While working for multiple projects in the same go, the responsibilities of the designer increase manifold and team management and leadership come into picture. This professional selects members according to the project requirements, assigns tasks, monitors and evaluates their work, and provides necessary guidance and support in their time of need.

Documentation and Reporting

A designer is responsible for more than just the technical aspects of designing kitchens and bathrooms with an exquisite, personalized touch. He/she is expected to look after the documentation of all the phases of project execution and maintain those records in a digital format as a backup and for the reference of other people involved in the project.

Desired Skills

Employers would appreciate and hire you for this position provided you are:

Educational Requirements

To work as a kitchen and bath designer, you need to opt for a bachelors or master's degree course in interior design or a similar course that is accredited by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). Individuals who do pursue a course accredited by the NKBA are required to work for two years before they can appear for the certification examination held by the NKBA for Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer, along with 30 hours of approved coursework.

In the later stages of life, you can obtain the certificate for NKBA Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer after completing seven years as a professional and 60 hours of approved coursework. You can appear for Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer program after completing 100 hours of approved coursework and 17 years as a professional in the industry.

Career Scope

In the initial days of working as a designer of bathrooms and kitchens, you can earn around $46,000, which will gradually increase with your experience and performance.

The job responsibilities of a kitchen and bath designer have been provided to make you aware of what this job is like and the returns that you earn for the time and money spent in learning and obtaining the certificates.

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