Detective Job Description

All the cop shows on television have really glamorized this profession, but let it not take away the seriousness of this job. Detectives are the ones who solve all the crimes. They have an extremely important task at hand and this profession is quite high-risk. For more detailed information, read the detective job description we have given for you.

The detectives are the first people at any given crime scene. They, along with the forensic experts are to collect evidence from the scene that will help them solve the crime. They have to use their experience and intelligence is solving these crimes.

The detectives have to know a lot about the psyche of a criminal. Some of the detectives study the subject of psychology. They also have to know all the latest developments in the forensics, as they are quite useful in solving crimes. This is just a small part of the detective job description, they are many more duties. If no criminal is found for a crime, the detectives first have to gather all forensic evidence, then they have to make a list of suspects, the suspects are then called in for questioning, and if found guilty, they are charged with the crime by the detectives. The detectives are in charge of making the charge sheets and submitting them to judges.

Before they arrest anyone, or search someone's place, they have to get warrants from court judges to do so. This is important because if they retrieve any evidence illegally, the judge can dismiss the evidence and the suspect could be released.

All detectives first start off as policemen, after some good work, they are recommended for promotion and they sit for the mandatory detective's test. The detectives are assigned to police departments of different jurisdictions, and they are headed by a station captain. For more duties, read the detective job description given below in detail.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Detective

Education required for the post of Detective

Career Advancement

Detectives get promoted to the posts of senior detectives and captains. They get a substantial hike in the pay and benefits.

The detective job description gives a good idea on how important this job is for the preservation of civil society.

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