Account Director Responsibilities

Major responsibilities of an account director include managing things, to be a good leader.

Though there are some special skills and experience required for this position one needs to perform the following duties in order to do justice to the account director responsibilities.


Communicating working plans to the entire organization, the team leaders, ensure everyone has understood the same and knows how to go about realizing it.

The account director is also responsible for conveying the clients' requirements, demands and the exact ways in which they want their work to be done.


Ensure compliance of the policies set by the board of directors, implement the rules and regulations related to the work.


The job profile of an account director comprises understanding and analyzing the business avenues and think of strategies to make the profit grow.

The account director should understand the potential of his company and tap the resources well, of both, the employees as well as the material resources.


Sometimes the account director also has to take care of the rules and regulations of the administration.

Apart from this he or she also has to ensure proper quality standards are followed and healthy practices are followed by all.

Take steps to increase awareness about the competitors and of the current market scenario. This is basically to ensure a good competitive and up to date work culture is followed in the organization.


Manage the departments, collect reports and forward it further to his or her seniors is the account director's responsibility.

Ensure that the newcomers or new employees are trained according to the company's requirements.

Approve the management's decision and new planning strategy. But, one has to ensure that the policies and budget are kept intact while doing it.


The policies designed for the customer services is done by the director and thus, the customer care division works on the guidelines provided by this official.

Keep a tab on the way the policies are complied with and also check for the effectiveness.

Client Retention

Client retention and increasing the client base is amongst the major account director responsibilities.

Promote customer oriented programs to retain them and also initiate activities to help build a good rapport with the clients.

Take care of the requirements of different clients, i.e., the foreign nationals and local people. Recognize what allures them, identify their needs, etc.


The account director is responsible for troubleshooting any kind of problems within the company premises or in any work related issue.

Time Bound

The account director sees to it that the projects, within the internal frame or the outbound ones, have to end on time. This is because the account director has to face the clients and is answerable to them.


On behalf of the company the account director decides and signs the contracts and deals with other parties. Thus, he or she is also responsible for renewal of the same.

For the employees and his team, the account director represents the clients and senior management. So, he or she has to ensure the message is conveyed to his juniors properly. Similarly, he or she is also a representative of the employees to the seniors. This way he or she has to act as a mediating link in an organization.

The account director has to take care of the entire working system in the organization. He or she is the face of the organization not only for the outsiders but also responsible for the working culture and atmosphere within the office.

Growth Opportunities

An account director is also responsible for creating opportunities for his or her employees to hone their skills, lead and give a chance to contribute their bit towards the organization. This helps in acquiring high levels of employee satisfaction.

These were the general account director responsibilities that professionals of this designation have to handle. The duties actually depend and vary with organizations but more or less it remains the same.

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