Assistant Director Responsibilities

An assistant director works under the overall supervision of the director and makes sure that he does his work with perfection as the success of the project depend largely upon his efforts. The assistant director is responsible to take care of the professional as well as the technical crew. He plans the storyboard and works on it using his excellent imagination and creativity. The assistant director breaks down the script into a shot to shot storyboard in order to determine the shoot order. He also determines the time each scene will take to be directed.

As the assistant director is like the right hand person of the director, his responsibilities are enormous as well. He takes the charge of maintain the filming schedule so that the scenes can be shot properly. He takes care of where the scenes are shot, the props that are used and the equipments that come to use while shooting for that particular scene.

Assistant director responsibilities in detail

There are a number of duties that are performed by the assistant director. His work is no less than the work done by the director, who also supervises the assistant director. Some of the responsibilities that are performed by the assistant director are given below:

Skills of an assistant director

The job of an assistant director requires a lot of skills. He has to take care of a number of things on the film set. He should be aware of his functions and duties. Some of the major skills of assistant director are given below:

Educational requirements of an assistant director

Educational requirements of an assistant director includes -

Career opportunities of an assistant director

An assistant director is often promoted to the post of director depending upon his skills and expertise in directing. There are various projects that need good directors; he might get employed if he fits in the recruitment criteria and if his work is good enough to get him through.

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