Executive Director Responsibilities

Executive directors are involved in carrying out the planning, management, and functioning of the entire organization. They are responsible for organizing, managing, and controlling all the processes and activities at the organizational level for organizational growth and development. They have to meet the organizational goals and regulate the working of subordinates and junior employees accordingly.

Executive director is also referred to as chief executive officer or managing director. He handles and executes the activities at the organizational level and looks after the entire management process of the organization. He has to manage several aspects of organization like administration, manufacturing, marketing, quality control, operations, etc., which define the base of business structure.

Key Responsibilities

An executive director has to work in unison with the board of directors of the company, carry out planing and operational activities in accordance with the board, and manage the organizational tasks and activities accordingly

The key responsibilities of an executive director comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible for the job of an executive director, one needs to have an advanced degree like MBA. Along with this, one also needs to have a relevant experience of around 10 years. One has to be competent in handling all the organizational activities effectively, and hence the relevant experience in senior management position is essential. One must show a proven track record in leadership and management for effectively running the organization, and scaling its performance.

Apart from the required qualifications and experience, one must also possess certain skills that aide in handling the responsibilities efficiently. Skills required for handling the responsibilities of an executive director comprise:

Working Conditions

An executive director often has to work outside the business hours for handling various operational activities like attending meeting with clients, organizing fund raising events, and planning other organizational activities during weekends. Along with this, he also works for minimum 40 hours a week in fixed shifts in the office environment. Moreover, he also has to travel frequently to local and international destinations for accomplishing business activities.

Salary Compensation

The average salary range of an executive director falls in between $75,000 to $120,000 per annum, though this range differs depending on relevant experience, organizational strength, work location, and sense of responsibility assigned to the executive director.

An executive director plays a pivotal role in the organizational management, as he is the key person responsible for making important decisions which decides the fate of organizational progress. He works under tremendous pressure for fulfilling the organizational activities efficiently without complication. So if you have the required qualification, experience, and skills for handling the responsibilities of an executive director, you can make a successful career in this profile.

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