Finance Director Responsibilities

The finance director responsibilities include supervising the finance section of a company. The finance department is one of the most imperative sections in any company. If the business of a company flourishes, the company is bound to earn profits and money. This is why the fiscal preparation and fiscal execution are taken care of by the finance director. A company simply can't profit if the fiscal management and planning of the company are poor and rejected.

Thus, each company has a finance department which takes care of all the fiscal matters of that company and this fiscal section of the company is administered and directed by the fiscal or financial manager. There are many workers under him who ensure that all the functions of the fiscal department are carried out effectively. These workers include the administrators, junior and senior managers and associate vice president, and working staff, etc.

The finance director responsibilities can vary from one organization or company to another. But his overall key responsibilities remain the same:

Qualifications and Skills Required

The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in business management or in a related field. Apart from this, he needs to have some years of operational expertise with a fiscal executive team or a higher administration phase in the fiscal department. Having a master's degree in a related field or in business management would take him places, and he would be able to achieve a respectable status in this field. But he would also require categorizing and development skills. Also, an expert chartered auditor would be apt for this position. He should also have the ability to handle multiple projects at the same time. Having good math, information technology and problem solving skills would be very beneficial for this position, as they would make his job easier. Moreover, he should have a healthy mind and body. Being able to make speedy decisions and prioritizing work accordingly would be assets to the company. Acquaintance with fiscal business would also help him a lot. Acquiring knowledge on various software programs could favor him with executing his daily job responsibilities, duties and roles effectively to everybody's satisfaction.

Working Conditions

He works five days a week from Monday to Friday for about 9 hours daily. He should be ready to work overtime in order to meet deadlines. He has frequent meetings with people and has to travel inside the country very frequently and abroad sometimes. He could also be self-employed.


A finance director draws a handsome and an average salary of USD 75, 000 - USD 100, 000 per annum. He earns even more with experience and qualifications.

Thus, the finance director responsibilities include supervising and directing the fiscal department and its overall operations in the company and passing verdicts on the financial business.

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