Funeral Director Responsibilities

The funeral director responsibilities include executing different operations like organizing and supervising the funeral services and other formalities of a dead person. He oversees the transfer of the dead body from the latter's home to the funeral home in order to conserve it till the time of entombment or incineration and questions the family of the dead with an intention to document the reasons and other data connected to the death. He chooses the mourners and offers them conveyance facilities. He communicates with people who are partners with the deceased people with respect to receiving the property, now that the real owner of the same has died and ensures that he gets the same. A funeral director also keeps the fiscal reports of the dead with him, organizes the commodities accordingly as per the wishes of the dead and manages his audits, as he does'nt exist any longer.

He decides the location of the coffins at the funeral area and takes care of the light and flower arrangements around the ceremonial site. He organizes the transporters who carry the body from one place to another and gives them all the details of the dead. He distributes different projects to different volunteers and requests them to settle down at the funeral site. He devises various strategies and programs to execute the activities of the ceremonies, entombments and cremations of the dead and documents the details of the time and location where the above actions take place. He acquires data on the dead from his relatives and intends to finish filling the official documents, expiry credentials and burying license, thereby completing all the formalities.

He also administrates the way dead people are kept at the funeral site. A funeral director has many important responsibilities out of which the key ones are:

Qualifications and Skills Required

A funeral director must have done a course called 'mortuary science program' given by personal occupation schools. This may take about nine months to three years to complete. He can also complete a two to four year degree in 'funeral service.' He also needs to possess a license and be 21 years old. He can do courses in related fields that teach him about death and psychology. Persuing the educational degree is compulsory to keep the license. He requires to work as a trainee for around one to three years while persuing official training or even after it. Apart from all these qualifications, he needs to have patience and persistence, as these would help him in the coming days. He should have the ability to work under stress and be comfortable with touching the dead, burnt and decayed bodies as well. A funeral director should no be afraid of the dead bodies and should have the ability to carry out all the functions that are needed to bury or cremate the dead with a cool head.

Working Conditions

He usually works in a funeral home that is well maintained and quite alluring. He talks a lot over the phone with his customers who inform him about the death of their relatives or closed ones. He executes his job responsibilities for a period of more than 40 hours in a week and can be summoned at odd timings. He deals with people who are depressed and and distressed. That's why, he needs to be caring and empathetic towards them. He may also have work shifts at erratic hours where he may have to work in the evenings or nights.


A funeral director earns a yearly salary of USD 46, 000 normally. He also gets certain advantages like paid leaves and regular payment plans.

Thus, the funeral director responsibilities include arranging the funeral services of a dead person and offering condolences to the bereaved families.

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