Academic Assistant Job Description

Teaching is a pious profession and the academic assistants are also a part of this profession. The academic assistant responsibilities tell us the various duties assigned to academic or teaching assistants in a classroom and also in the premises.

Academic assistants find jobs in schools, colleges and universities where they assist the teachers and students in the classroom, labs and also in the extracurricular activities if required. Academic assistants also act as a source of information to the students. The main aim of hiring academic assistants is to enable the students to pursue their academic goals and also allow the instructors to carry out the instructional activities efficiently. On occasions when the teacher cannot make it to the institute, the academic assistant may have to deliver a lecture and maintain discipline in the classroom.

Academic assistants may have to juggle between different classrooms or they can be assigned a particular classroom depending on the total number of classrooms or number of students in a classroom. They also help the instructors in preparing and revising instructional material and also distributing the same to the students in the classroom.

Academic assistants perform several tasks on job and maintain a smooth flow of tasks and communication in a classroom. Academic assistant responsibilities can be categorized under the following heads:

Academic Assistant Responsibilities

They also perform other responsibilities like the following:

Skills of an Academic Assistant

The following skills are a must have for an academic assistant:

Becoming an Academic Assistant

Graduates, under graduates and even high school diploma holders are eligible to become an academic assistant. Any degree in teaching can be helpful but is not a prerequisite.

Career Scope for an Academic Assistant

You may be either paid for an academic year or on an hourly basis depending on the institute you are employed at and also on your academic qualifications. Starting from $8 an hour, you can expect up to $13. Other institutes may offer $45,812 to $54,000 for an academic year.

Working in this position will help you to enhance your teaching skills. You can also work part time if you are pursuing education.

The academic assistant responsibilities we have shared above are for your reference. These may vary depending on your education, skills and also with the institute.

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