Academic Coordinator Job Description

An academic coordinator is very important individual who deals with the everyday tasks in an educational institute. Institutes today rely on the academic coordinator because he plays a variety of roles to facilitate smooth coordination between students, departments, communities and other personnel directly or indirectly involved with the institute.

For the teaching department, the academic coordinator helps in developing teaching procedures and strategies for different programs. This may include revision in the existing programs or curriculum and introduction of new programs with respect to requirements of students. He also recommends training programs for the staff so that they can teach new programs. Alternately, he can suggest recruitment of new staff to meet program requirements. Soliciting student feedback and reviewing program effectiveness is also a responsibility of the academic coordinator.

They helps the institute to define goals for each department and adopt measures that will aide attainment of these goals. While the programs are going on, he counsels the teachers and students on any problems or difficulties faced during classroom lectures and learning activities. He also helps the library staff in setting up and ordering books and other materials for students and staff to facilitate continuous learning.

An academic coordinator is also the in-charge of developing and introducing extracurricular activities for the institute and motivates students for participating in the same. He assists the dean and management in defining policies and regulations.

Further information on the academic coordinator responsibilities has been listed below.

Academic Coordinator Responsibilities

Many other job responsibilities can be assigned to an academic coordinator in order to fulfill the institutes requirements on a regular basis.

Skills Required

Qualification Required

Institutes recruit individuals for this position only if they have experience working in an educational institute and hold a master's or a doctoral degree in education or related course.

Career Scope

Average salary for an academic coordinator is around $43,000 that may or may not include additional benefits including insurance, bonuses, etc. Additional benefits vary with every institute.

The most common academic coordinator job responsibilities have been provided here. However, the exact responsibilities may differ with every institute and you are advised to discuss the responsibilities with the recruitment officer prior to joining.

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