Admissions Coordinator Responsibilities

Admissions play an important role in the functioning of educational institutes, hospitals, training academies, and other many other organizations. The process and criteria can be different for every organization, yet it is important to follow a standard procedure to conduct admissions activity smoothly. An admission coordinator in an educational institute streamlines the admission process. He recruits and trains the admission staff; defines and revises the admission policies and criteria according to the institutes requirements. He orders and maintains adequate supplies of brochures and admission forms in the office to avoid any shortage. He scrutinizes admission forms and communicates with the students to inform them whether or not they are eligible for the admission.

An admission coordinator in a healthcare facility oversees the admission and discharge of patients. He prepares admission records and updates the database of patients on the local server. He has to prepare weekly and monthly reports of admissions in the facility. He also participates in the community service programs and other pursuits of the facility apart from the admission activities. Supervision of nurses and other staff is sometimes assigned to the admission coordinator. Being the first person of contact, the admission coordinator must be sympathetic and compassionate; he should be able to assure the guardians or family members of the patient.

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Admissions Coordinator in an Educational Institute

Admission Coordinator in a Healthcare Facility

Skills of an Admission Coordinator

An admission coordinator needs to be oriented towards customer service. He should be able to resolve all the queries of the visitors and callers. He needs to be excellent in preparation and management of admissions database and other records.

An admission coordinator should be able to work for long hours at a stretch and on weekends to fulfill organization's requirements. He should be able to work with a calm attitude under the most stressful situations.

Becoming an Admissions Coordinator

A bachelor's or master's degree in education, human services, counseling, medical sciences or a relevant field combined with previous work experience is essential to apply for this position.

Career Scope for Admission Coordinator

Average salary for an admission coordinator ranges from $35,000 to $50,000. Additional benefits such as insurance, performance incentives, bonuses, etc., vary with every organization.

The exact admission coordinator responsibilities differ with every organization and there are some additional responsibilities that are assigned on a non routine basis. You need to fulfill all the responsibilities in order to prove your competency and help in the functioning of the organization.

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