Assistant Librarian Job Description

A Librarian is the whole sole in charge of the library. Normally a librarian works in a government library or a school library. A librarian is expected to be well read and careful with the books. Assistant Librarian Responsibilities prove to be helpful when you decide to take up this career. It is an interesting career, especially for someone who is fond of reading the books.

A librarian should be well educated and should know how to maintain record of books systematically. He should know what books are demanded by readers of different age groups. If the record of books is kept properly it becomes easier to calculate which books are present in the library and which books are not. There are librarians who also teach the children that come to the library on various knowledge providing topics.

Assistant Librarian responsibilities consist of interacting with the academic community of the University to know their requirements regarding various books. It is necessary that the assistant librarian should know his duties properly so that the work can take place in an orderly manner. They should be highly skilled in making bibliographies and indexes as these are the two very important duties he is expected to perform.

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Assistant Librarian Responsibilities in detail

  1. An assistant Librarian should be highly skilled in making bibliographies and indexes of the books that are lent out and those present in the library
  2. The responsibilities of the librarian include repairing the damaged books and order new books if necessary
  3. He acts as a medium of communication between the Librarian and the patrons
  4. They should know where the information is stored in the library, the correct source from where the correct information could be extracted so that he can help the readers with finding the information
  5. Another important responsibility of the assistant librarian is to prepare a database of the readers that are regular. By creating a database, the existing members are known and the new readers can be made members
  6. They should know how to sort the returned items. He should be well aware of the layout of the library so that the returned items can be placed at their original place in order to avoid inconvenience to the readers
  7. They should know the procedure of sending books to other libraries in case they need it and should also know how to procure the books from other libraries during the time of requirement
  8. As the system of bookmobiles is famous these days, the assistant librarian should know how to operate it so that the books can reach out to people who cannot come to the library. He is also responsible for handling all the queries and doubts that the readers have

Skills of an Assistant Librarian

As an assistant librarian, a person is expected to be well educated and good with making records. Records regarding all the books present in the library and all those lent out are made by the assistant librarian. For becoming an assistant librarian the person should have good communication skills so that he can solve the doubts and queries of the patrons. He should be well aware of the procedure of making a database of all the books that are lent out, it makes it easier to evaluate what books are lent out, which are present and what all books are to be ordered.

Becoming an Assistant Librarian

The following are the qualifications that are required to become an assistant librarian:

Career scope

Working as an assistant librarian can be very challenging but for people interested in reading as well as managing them find it really easy and rewarding. Assistant Librarian Responsibilities are based on one aim and that is to provide educational help to the people who are searching for information on different topics.

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