Enrollment Advisor Responsibilities

Enrollment advisor is a significant post in every university, college, vocational school, and trade school in the U.S. Enrollment counselors have to deal with students and respond to their queries, as they are the first point of contact for any new student in a school. Basically, enrollment advisor responsibilities target on promoting the potential students in the school and filling the vacancies. Their work gets distributed into that of part sales agent, part administrative professional and part customer service agent.

What are the Responsibilities of an Enrollment Advisor?

Enrollment advisors are often termed as enrollment counselors or admissions counselors. Their work pattern is closely related to few other job fields such as management, customer service, sales, administration, etc.

Key responsibilities handled by the enrollment counselors include:

Enrollment Advisor and their Role in Different Fields

The enrollment advisor has to perform various job tasks and their role in each is discussed below:

Administrative Assistance

Enrollment advisors play a significant role in providing administrative support. They enroll the students in schools and colleges, assist in registering them into various programs and also to complete the entire entry records. Along with the entry records, enrollment advisors are generally responsible for maintaining the data of the enrolled students for their tenure.


Enrollment counselor advises the students by assisting them in qualifying the criteria for admissions and prepare them for the required entrance exams. They usually schedule and state the dates of the exams. They undertake the responsibility of carrying out appropriate transition. They coordinate and schedule the class load through the end of the semesters.

Customer Service

Advisors of enrollment have to work as customer service agents as well. They have to provide with the prime level of customer service to the potential and enrolled students. Providing information about the school policy and answering the queries are few of their significant tasks. As they are the first individuals from the organization to deal with the students, they are responsible to make them feel informed as well as comfortable.


One of the major responsibilities of enrollment advisors is sales. They have to take in notice that all the vacant seats for the students are filled. They have to keep the track of the potential students in order to get them enrolled.


Enrollment counselors act as a personal coach and education advisors, who assist the students by providing required data during enrollment. They usually assist the students in selecting a program of study and help them with graduation and salary information on various programs provided by the institution. Freshers, students who have just completed their high school education, need assistance while opting any program. They should possess sound knowledge of information on available opportunities, career expectations and earning potential.

Educational Requirements for an Enrollment Counselor

This job post is considered as an entry level profile, so a bachelor's degree can be helpful to get entry into this field. A master's degree in education, psychology and counseling would definitely prove as an additional benefit. Experience of working as a volunteer or intern during admissions can also be an advantage.

In addition to the above enrollment advisor responsibilities, counseling the students on their careers and helping them with information regarding the opportunities and vacancies in the market along with their salaries are some of their other duties.

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