Head Teacher Responsibilities

The head teacher responsibilities include supervising and overseeing teachers who are junior to him/her. He/she also undertakes certain duties and roles that influence majority of the school associates. He/she administrates and heads the various ways and means of enhancing the quality of education being imparted to the students in his/her school. He/she monitors the way all the students behave and assesses their performance. He/he also holds exams for them and decides their syllabus.

A head teacher has the following key roles and job responsibilities and duties:

Working Conditions

A head teacher works in a school or a college where he/she is responsible for administrating all the teachers under him/her. He/she works for five days a week and six to seven hours on a single day. He/she relaxes on Saturdays and Sundays, as the school or college remains closed on these two days. Every school has a different timing. So his/her working shifts will vary from one school to another.


A head teacher earns about USD 43, 000 per year on an average.

Thus, the head teacher responsibilities include taking care of the students, school and administrating the teachers under him/her, thus, justifying his/her position.

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