High School Principal Responsibilities

The high school principal is a professional who serves as an educational leader of the high school and makes every possible effort to provide the best quality education to the school students. The high school principal responsibilities are mostly related with supervising the the school teachers, students, and the subordinate staff members, ensuring that all of them adhere by the regulations of the school, and assisting in achieving the mission of the educational institution.

Key Responsibilities of a High School Principal

The high school principal, along with the teachers, strives to achieve academic excellence and also to make each and every student in the school well equipped with not only academic knowledge, but also in other extra curricular activities. He/she nurtures them to become the best individuals and designs various activities that will motivate the students to progress in other fields as well. The description given below will throw light on the key responsibilities that need to handled by a high school principal:

Apart from the above responsibilities,

Thus, a high school principal is responsible for developing the students and inspiring the teachers to make efforts to achieve the educational goals and objectives.

Essential Skills

A high school principal should have a passion for teaching, should love being in the company of children, and should have a natural ability to lead and supervise the teachers and other staff members. He/she should be able to plan strategies and set goals that would help in the development and growth of the students. Excellent written and oral communication skills, good listening skills, effective time management and organization skills, ability to guide, advise, counsel, and motivate the students and staff members alike, etc., are some of the other pre-requisites that will ensure success for a high school principal.

Educational Requirement

The basic educational qualification necessary for a high school principal is a master's degree in education administration or education leadership. Previous administrative and educational work experience would be beneficial. Additional license, training, or certification would be a plus.

Salary Details

Generally a high school principal will get a salary close in the range of $84,000 to $87,000. The lowest salary offered is in the range of $59,000, while the highest salary offered is in the range of $130,000. The difference in salary is basically due to skills, academic background, and previous work experience.

Career Prospects

With the increasing number of students it is natural that the demand for high school principals is definitely going to be more, and it is expected to rise by about ten percent in the coming few years. However, it may also be dependent on the school's financial budgets.

The high school principal responsibilities, thus should be carried out efficiently and effectively, as he/she is the person who should be able to present himself/herself as a role model for the students as well as the staff members and help in building a positive image of the school.

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