Assistant Electrical Engineer Responsibilities

The assistant electrical engineer responsibilities are important for a senior electrical engineer or a project manager. Assistant electrical engineers are assigned with numerous responsibilities at workplace. They are expected to perform all the tasks diligently and in accordance with the engineering standards to keep the electrical systems and equipments running.

Most of the equipments we use such as mobile phones, home appliances, television, air conditioner, condenser, and all other electronic equipments are examples of electrical engineering. We, the human beings are used to spending most of our time using one or all of these equipments that have been conceived, designed, and developed by the assistant electrical engineers along with other engineers in an organization.

They coordinates with the project manager to understand the purpose of developing a particular product. It helps the assistant engineer to prepare the technical specifications and sketches for a particular product. Assistant electrical engineer responsibilities include testing new products before launching the products for commercial use. They inspect existing products if any complaint is received regarding its functioning and for research and development purpose too.

Assistant electrical engineer has to compulsorily handle the following functions in any organization:

Assistant electrical engineer responsibilities are to provide excellent service to their clients post sales and installation. They also have to purchase materials for production process and perform other tasks to fulfill project requirements.

Skills of an Assistant Electrical Engineer

Assistant electrical engineer must be able to work in a competitive environment and a large team. He must be an excellent communicator and skilled in various applications such as AutoCAD, MS Office Suite, ETAP, etc. Knowledge of testing procedures and designing standards is a must. You need to be able to work under the extremities of environment for outdoor sites.

Becoming an Assistant Electrical Engineer

You need to have at least an associate or a bachelor's degree in engineering. This position is offered to inexperienced candidates, so you need not worry if you do not have previous experience.

Career Scope

Assistant electrical engineers can earn around $55,000 annually. With time and experience, these professionals gradually move to the position of senior engineer or a project manager.

All the responsibilities are aimed to achieve excellence in engineering by applying the expertise and rationale thinking for various projects simultaneously.

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