Associate Environmental Engineer Responsibilities

Environmental engineers are involved in studying the harmful effects of pollution on the environment. Through constant research and methods to reduce pollution, they help in improving the environment. Associate environment engineer responsibilities are related to this field of engineering.

An associate environmental engineer works in nonprofit organizations or for privately held industries, research laboratories or government agencies. He works for the fulfillment of environmental engineering objectives and the various projects of environmental research. He helps in performing audits of various industries and examining whether all the policies are followed in order to eliminate or minimize the release of harmful and toxic waste in the environment.

An associate environmental engineer can be involved in designing and development of municipal water supply and wastewater treatment systems. Alternately, he also helps in the collection and assimilation of data to study harmful effects of industrial waste or carbon dioxide or other gases emitted by automobiles. This in turn allows the industries to adapt measures that will help to reduce or eliminate the pollution.

Amongst the associate environmental engineer responsibilities, the most important one is to to derive the accurate figures failing in which may render the research useless. He is expected to be present at all times during research and help the team.

The associate environmental engineer responsibilities are necessary for the following areas of environmental engineering:

Industrial Waste Disposal

An associate environmental engineer is involved in the treatment and disposal of industrial sewage and wastewater. He helps in the structuring of disposal systems for industries so that the waste can be disposed safely and avoid any harm to the environment.

Municipal Water Supply and Treatment

An associate environmental engineer helps in developing water supply systems for residences, agricultural lands and other areas where it is required. He works with a team of scientists and engineers to develop an infrastructure that allows the authorities to treat, supply and store water so that it is safe for public consumption.

Wastewater and Sewage Treatment and Disposal

An associate environmental engineer helps the civic authorities in developing sewer systems to dispose the human waste without letting it affect the environment.

He works with other environmental engineers to develop procedures for treatment of wastewater before it is discharged into a natural water reservoir to minimize water pollution and the effect it may cause to the flora and fauna.

Land and Air Pollution Control

An associate environmental engineer helps in controlling land and air pollution that may result due to emission of harmful gases, solid waste, chemicals and residues left from raw materials, land excavation, etc.

Risk Assessment

The associate environmental engineer performs risk assessment to calculate the risk of infection occurring as a result of certain human activities. He participates in testing of new products and its direct or indirect effects on human health. For example,

Skills of an Associate Environmental Engineer

To perform well in this position, you need to possess sound knowledge of environmental engineering concepts, reporting tools, quality control and the procedures used in collecting information. You need to be able to think analytically and communicate well with all the personnel and authorities involved in the research.

Becoming an Associate Environmental Engineer

Getting into this profession is possible only if you have completed your education with a bachelor's or master's degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, or any other closely related subject. While some organizations give preference to individuals with previous experience, others may hire recently graduated students.

Career Scope for Associate Environmental Engineer

An associate environment engineer can expect to earn an annual income that ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 varying with the organization and individuals competency.

Associate environmental engineer responsibilities are to facilitate the research project in order to protect environment from harmful effects of various human activities, waste materials, industrial and automobile emissions and any other factors that account for environmental pollution.

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