Associate Test Engineer Responsibilities

A test engineer is a professional who is trained and possesses in-depth knowledge about testing the software or hardware. With the boom in the information technology sector there are ample number of opportunities available for the test engineers. The main associate test engineer responsibilities are to test the software, hardware thoroughly by eliminating the technical issues so as to achieve maximum quality standards.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Test Engineer

Test engineers are mostly commonly associated with either electrical or computer engineering. However, they may be found in every sector where a product is formed and needs to be tested for its quality standards. Thus they are extremely important for ensuring the success of any organization. The associate test engineer assists the test engineer in designing the test cases, carrying out test procedures and scripts and deriving the results from the tests performed. To get an insight on what exactly is his role here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities performed by him:

  1. He prepares test plans, validates them, verifies the test procedures and prepares reports based on them
  2. He develops test procedures and implements them by using well-defined testing methods
  3. He designs the test cases and ensures that they are properly documented
  4. He maintains the data related to test problems and how they were resolved and executed to meet the quality standards
  5. He takes the aid of various testing tools to review the designs, problems and results
  6. He participates in the meetings and recommends plans for overall development and improvement in procedures. He reviews and provides details regarding the status of the project.

In short, he performs all the testing methods and techniques to validate testing of software and hardware keeping in mind the standards that need to be followed. He should be able to maximize the value of the product by discovering the bugs and flaws in the early stages of designing thereby maintaining the reputation of the organization. He must assist and speed up the work of the development team and motivate them for continuous improvement.

Essential Skills of an Associate Test Engineer

To be a successful test engineer you should have at least some of the following essential skills:

  1. Should be detail oriented and should be able to identify and tackle the technical issues
  2. Should have a strong desire for quality
  3. Should possess strong communication skills to be able to deal with both, the technical and nontechnical staff and to maintain a healthy professional working relationship with them
  4. Should be able to demonstrate good judgmental skills which are essential while assessing high risk application areas
  5. Should have a thorough understanding of the software development process so as to focus and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization
  6. Should have a vision to see beyond the obvious which will help in identifying the bugs in different scenarios

Educational Qualifications

A bachelor in computer science or relevant field from an accredited university is the minimum requirement. Most of the jobs in testing are related to the electrical or computer field. Hence a relevant engineering degree in the respective fields is necessary.

Work Hours and Salary Details

He works in a normal office environment. The work hours are standard normally lasting for forty to forty five hours per week. They may be extended depending on the situation, like if there is any technical problem he may need to resolve it as soon as possible to ensure the smooth flow of work. For this he may need to sit for long hours in the evenings, nights or even on the weekends.

Career Prospects

There are ample opportunities for advancement if you carry out the responsibilities efficiently. Promotion can be in the form of a test engineer which may lead to more supervisory or managerial position.

Thus, the associate test responsibilities are vital in ensuring the success and quality of the product, software or hardware by ruling out all the technical issues. This further helps in broadening the horizons for the organization.

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