Electrical Engineering Specialist Responsibilities

The electrical engineering specialist responsibilities include administrating, directing, guiding and supervising the various phases of commodity growth and providing expertise knowledge on electrical engineering to the management during all the procedures. He directs the project management team during the various stages of preparation, scheming, enhancement and experimenting.

He is a technical expert in the field of electrical engineering and is well aware of the various difficult phases the project passes through and the issues that come up to the surface while executing the same. He also maintains the files, the poll results and the research records, and the progression and the fund reports. The electrical engineering specialist has many responsibilities out of which the key ones are:


The candidate must have a bachelor's degree in engineering with majors in electricity. He also must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in this field or in a related field. Having a master's degree in electrical engineering would be an asset for this position. He should have the ability to work under pressure and handle multiple projects at the same time. He should be able to recognize problems and work out their solutions. He should have good drawing and sketching skills.

Working Conditions

He works around 40 hours a week and remains in the office most of the times, but also goes to the factory to supervise and administer the exact manufacture of goods. His job is quite stressful and he might have to work overtime during demanding situations.


He draws a salary of around USD 54,000 per annum on an average. But this may vary from one place to another depending on the size of the factory and the organization where he works.

Thus, the electrical engineering specialist responsibilities include advising the electrical engineers, technologists and the other workers in such a way that the projects are executed successfully.

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