Electro Optical Engineer Responsibilities

An electro optical engineer responsibilities include the usage of the basic principles of light and studying its behavior to enhance various electronic systems, components, etc. They also play an important role in designing of various optical instruments and equipments like microscopes, lenses, lasers, optical disc systems, etc. High speed internet, optical communications, pollution monitoring, software for face recognition, etc., are all available today, thanks to the contribution of the electro optical engineers.

Key Responsibilities of an Electro Optical Engineer

Electro optical engineers make full use of the optical principles to transform our dream ideas into reality. They help in designing everything right from CDs to laser eye surgery. They help in researching, designing, and developing systems and devices that will make best utilization of all kinds of light, be it visible or invisible. Thus, they help in creating things that are an integral part of our daily lives and help us in progressing and achieving greater heights. Let us see in detail as to what are the exact responsibilities of an electro optical engineer:

  1. To plan an optical system right from inception to developing it and completing the project on the given deadline
  2. To conduct appropriate research work, so that the product is developed in such a way that it will meet the clients' requirements
  3. To design and develop prototypes and components to meet the specifications
  4. To analyze and review the suitability and completeness of the designed systems by conducting various tests
  5. To build and align electro optical assemblies and integrate them with opto-mechanical assemblies
  6. To evaluate the performance of the designed system and make suggestions to improve it

They help in the incorporation of test methods and test procedures and also guide on the maintenance of the systems. They also ensure that the system is designed according to the outlined budget. They also maintain and update the records related to designing, testing, maintenance, etc., and generate quotations for various material requirements. They also identify the defects and give appropriate resolutions for the same, and ensure that they are in compliance with the quality, safety, rules, and regulations of the company.

Essential Skills

To be the best electro optical engineer, you should have a passion, desire, knowledge, and deep understanding of the various principles of optical engineering. You should be able to work under stressful conditions and be able to deliver results whenever a particular project needs to be completed on the given deadline. You should have a vision to create, develop, and design systems that are innovative. Should have strong communication skills to be able to understand the clients' requirement and resolve any relevant issues. Should be able to demonstrate excellent time management and organization skills.

Educational Background

To be eligible for the post of an electro optical engineer, an individual must possess a degree in electronics engineering combined with a specialization in opto-electronic or optical systems.

Work Schedule

The daily routine usually consists of an eight hour work schedule. If a project needs to be completed on a priority basis, you may need to work overtime in the evenings, late nights, or sometimes even on the weekends.

Salary Details

The average annual remuneration of an electro optical engineers falls in the range of $63,000 to $73,000. It generally varies with experience, skills, size, and type of the organization where he is working.

Career Prospects

Optical engineers are employed in various private, government, defence industries, and in several other fields like telecommunications, medicine, manufacturing, entertainment, security, environment, etc. The career prospects are bright for those who learn and develop their skills and knowledge in various areas of optical engineering. Therefore, the new as well as advancement opportunities are definitely more for those who keep themselves updated with the latest developments and have the requisite skills and knowledge relevant to the optical engineering field.

Thus, if you want to establish and take your career to greater heights in the field of optical engineering, you must be able to shoulder the electro optical engineer responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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