EMC Engineer Responsibilities

The EMC engineer stands for Electromagnetic Compatibility engineer. He is responsible for heading and supervising all the EMC activities of that particular company. The EMC engineering responsibilities include testing all the EMC procedures, writing down the needs for the laboratory and working with the clients and the sales team to guarantee the best level client services.

He works with the other EMC engineers in executing daily tests and sorting out the matters related to the discharge of the products and their resistance. He carries out tests on all the EMC services for the customers, studies the key cause of all the issues arising and asks for confirmation of the same. The EMC engineer has many responsibilities that may vary from one EMC firm to another. But his basic and key responsibilities remain the same:

Qualifications and Skills

The candidate needs to have a bachelor's degree in engineering with majors in integer component design and agreement testing. He should be able to equilibrate client, pattern and manufacture needs. He should also be very enthusiastic and should motivate himself and the others for procedure and product enhancement. Acquiring a master's degree in engineering with majors in digital hardware design and compliance testing or in a similar field would be an asset for this position.

Work Conditions

The EMC engineer works in large establishments for about 8-9 hours a day and about 40-45 hours per week on an average. He remains fairly busy and communicates with the design team and others. Sometimes, he has to meet deadlines given to him and has to work overtime.


He draws an average salary of USD 80, 800 per annum. But this may vary from one place to another depending on the size of the organization.

Thus, the EMC engineer responsibilities include running tests on all the EMC procedures and methods and writing reports on the same in order to assure customer services that are the best in and around that place.

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