Emissions Engineer Responsibilities

Degradation of the environment is the most negative aspect of industrialization. Emissions from the factory operations are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. It is important to reduce or eliminate the effect of pollution in environment to sustain life. Hence, organizations appoint an expert to control the emissions discharged in the environment during the operations. This duty lies with the emissions engineer. If you wish to pursue a career in engineering and take interest in environmental issues, then the profile of an emissions engineer is appropriate for you. This list of emissions engineer responsibilities will help you understand the exact nature and obligations of a candidate on that position.

Legal and Compliance Responsibilities

Operations Responsibilities

Power Management Responsibilities

To work as an emissions engineer, one needs qualifications similar to other engineering profiles. The candidate is expected to complete graduation in environmental engineering, power engineering or mechanical engineering. He must have expertise in energy management and environmental science. Also, engineers require the competence in applying knowledge proficiently. The candidate must be capable of analyzing the current and expected quality parameters of the machineries and applying the same knowledge for designing and developing the machineries.

Emissions engineers find job opportunities in several manufacturing units. All industries that operate huge machineries and use lump sum quantities of energy resources require the assistance of an emissions engineer. Certain industries such as plastic, textile, pharmaceuticals, automobile, etc., hire the services of the engineer. Also, government organizations hire the engineer to keep track of the emissions level in environment by way of vehicles, factories, etc. These engineers can take up jobs with organizations or independently as well. Most independent jobs are available in research firms, operations and compliance jobs in manufacturing organizations and the legal and analytical jobs are available in government organizations.

Government and private organizations are rising up to the menace created by industrialization. They are emphasizing on the need to control the emissions, reduce wastages and improve productivity. Hence, the career prospects for emission engineers appear to be positive. Emissions control is the need of the day. Hence, more and more aspirants are encouraged to take up this career.

We have presented this overview of emission engineer responsibilities to help the job seekers understand the opportunities and scope this career offers to the aspirants. We hope you find these details useful in making career decisions and finding your dream job.

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