Engineering Scientist Responsibilities

Engineering scientists are involved in providing a creative and practical solution of any technical issue in the required industry. This includes providing complete assistance in design development, optimizing available resources, and providing simplified solution to the non-technical support like sales and marketing executives.

Engineering scientists work in diverse industrial field, including biotechnology, chemistry, construction, environmental science, manufacturing, medicine, etc., and hence they are required to use their background knowledge in the relative field for providing optimum solution pertaining to that industry. Since the engineering scientists have attained a specific specialization their field / industry, their job responsibilities may vary depending upon the industry.

Key Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of an engineering scientist comprise providing accurate working solution for the industry and backing up their findings with research and analysis. Sometimes they are required to deal with non-technical professionals like providing solution in consumer based business units or to marketing associates, public relations personnels, etc. They often have to work in a team, coordinate with the senior research faculty, and mentor the juniors.

Responsibilities of an engineering scientist include:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required for this post is a Bachelor's Degree in engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science, or in other technical science disciplines, though a Master's degree in the same is preferred. Based on the scope of job duties and responsibilities involved, an engineering scientist may require to complete professional licensing examinations' series. Additional knowledge of scientific software packages like MatLab, ArcGIS, AutoCAD, etc., is also recommended for this job profile.

In addition to the basic qualification, an engineering scientist is required to have a certain basic set of skills in technical writing, documentation, and formal communication. Apart from this, for successfully accomplishing the duties of an engineering scientist, one is required to possess great intelligence, creative and logical thinking, and innovative problem solving ability.

The position of an engineering scientist is ranked in higher hierarchy of engineering job schemes, hence a relevant experience in the same / similar profile is considered. Generally, after acquiring two or more years of experience in the related field, it becomes easier to get a good position in a reputed company.

Working Conditions

For the job profile of an engineering scientist, the major work is office based, involving 90% of total time. Though occasionally, they may have to visit the field for reviewing the progression of their respective research project.

Scope of Growth

In the near future, the demand for engineering scientists is expected to grow steadily, considering the growing need for finding the satisfactory solution for the issues like global warming. Apart from this, an engineering scientist can find a satisfactory job in the field of teaching if they apply for the teaching license, though their salary will not be the same.

Salary Compensation

Estimated average salary for an entry-level engineering scientist falls between $40,000 to $50,000 annually. An experienced professional in the same profile can earn up to $80,000 to $100,000 depending upon their field of specialization. Though for the teaching profile, the annual compensation starts from $30,000.

An engineering scientist has a great career prospect in future, considering the area of specialization in the core science subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology. Thus, it is advisable to have a proper knowledge about the responsibilities of an engineering scientist if you wish to make a progressive career in this field.

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