Environmental Engineering Technician Job Description

Environmental engineering technicians generally work under the guidance of the environmental engineering and assist in carrying out their instructions effectively. Environmental engineering technician responsibilities are mostly concerned with the implementation of environmental plans that have been designed by the engineers. They basically use the engineering techniques and principles to resolve the technical issues in research, maintenance, development, etc.

Key Responsibilities of an Environmental Engineering Technician

Environmental engineering technician play a significant role in eliminating the environmental hazards. They help in researching, testing, modifying, operating, inspecting various equipment, systems, and devices related to waste management, pollution and recycling that are used in controlling and preventing the environmental hazards. They follow the remedial procedures and may make suggestions to improve the efficacy of the devices. Here is a detailed description of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an environmental engineering technician:

Essential Skills

An environmental engineering technician should be an excellent team player with good communication skills. He should be able to understand and follow the instructions given by the engineers and have good monitoring skills. Should be able to solve technical problems, should be creative, have good observation skills, and should be able to maintain and update relevant records in computers.

Educational Requirements

Individuals who are aspiring to become environmental engineering technicians should have an associate degree in environmental engineering technology or applied technology that comprises courses in mathematics, environmental biology, chemistry, solid and hazardous waste management, etc. Those with a bachelor's degree in natural sciences are also eligible to enter this field. They should keep themselves updated with the environmental rules and laws.

Work Hours

Environmental engineering technicians are mostly employed in scientific, management, and technical consulting firms, local governments, state governments, remediation and waste management services, laboratories, etc. Their work schedule is standard, full time, usually lasting up to forty to forty five hours per week in a normal office work environment. They may need to work at odd hours occasionally and may need to travel and work at remote sites. They may sometimes be exposed to hazards resulting from toxic materials, chemicals, and equipment that need to be used during their daily routine.

Salary Details

The salary for an environmental engineering technician in local and state governments is in the range of $46,000 to $50,000, while those working in remedial services, laboratories, scientific consulting firms, etc., vary in the range of $39,000 to $41,000. The minimum salary offered is close to $28,000 while the maximum is near to $73,000.

Career Prospects

The demand and employment opportunities for environmental engineering technicians is expected to grow by twenty four percent which is much faster as compared to other fields. This is solely because of the increased focus and awareness on the conservation of the natural resources. Those with greater exposure and work experience will definitely have better opportunities for career advancement.

Thus, if you are aspiring to take up a career as an environmental engineering technician, you should be well-aware of the environmental engineering technician responsibilities, skills, and education needed to ensure success in your career.

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