Fabrication Engineer Responsibilities

Fabrication engineering is all about research, design, development, modification, and installation of fabricated products for varied purposes. The fabrication engineer responsibilities serve as a source of information for individuals who are looking out for an innovative and challenging opportunity in the engineering industry.

A fabrication engineer plays a key role in the financial planning for every project. He provides estimates of the materials and the expenses associated with a project. He also plans and implements production schedule while ensuring that the schedule provides enough time to complete the project.

The basic responsibility of a fabrication engineer is to help in the research, design, and development of fabricated products. He has to help the design engineers and suggest measures to develop cost efficient and aesthetically pleasing designs. He is required to support the production staff in every aspect, so that the final product is identical to the design blueprints.

The fabrication engineer is also responsible for providing material specifications and test the quality of material before the production starts. In this pursuit, he has to contact and meet vendors and also negotiate regarding material costs. He has to ensure that the materials are received on time and additional orders for replacement are placed to avoid delay in the production.

The fabrication engineer responsibilities are explained under different headings for your convenience.

Key Responsibilities of Fabrication Engineer

Project Planning

The fabrication engineer has to identify the estimated cost and specify the final requirements (labor and materials) for a project. He has to develop and implement a schedule that allows the team to execute all the tasks within a specified timeline.

Material Purchase

The fabrication engineer puts forth his efforts to research about the various materials and vendors in the market. He negotiates with the vendors and places orders as per the project requirement. He provides details of purchase to the finance department.

Quality Testing and Control

The fabrication engineer is in charge of testing raw materials. He follows a certain set of tests to identify the strength and durability of the materials to be used in production of fabricated products. He may also devise and develop quality standards for future projects and for reference of other staff in the organization.

Supervision and Mentoring

The fabrication engineer is required to supervise the activities of the production staff and provide technical support and advice if they face a setback. He has to keep a track of project report and investigate into matters that may cause a delay in the project.

Assist in Installation

Once the goods are produced, the fabrication engineer assists in the installation process. He resolves any issues faced during the installation. He reports the unresolved issues to the authorities and assists in the investigation to identify possible solutions.


The fabrication engineer is responsible for documenting the project details. He has to provide detailed information regarding all the phases of the projects.

Administrative Tasks

The fabrication engineer is also required to execute certain administrative tasks. He may have to prepare records, make payments, schedule meetings with clients, or assist in other aspects of administration.

Skills of a Fabrication Engineer

As a fabrication engineer, a person should have:

Becoming a Fabrication Engineer

To get into the shoes of a fabrication engineer, you first need to get admission for a bachelor's or master's degree course in manufacturing, mechanical, or a closely related stream of engineering. Additionally, you need to work for several years and climb the ladder of progression with passing time to become eligible for this position.

Career Scope

Average salary for a fabrication engineer is around $81,000 annually. Due to difference in the operations and size of organizations, the actual salary differs. It can also differ with the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

The fabrication engineer responsibilities will make you realize the significance of this profession.

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