Facilities Engineer Job Description

Facilities refer to the various units of an organization such as a university, profit or nonprofit organization, federal organization, etc. These facilities conduct similar or a set of operations to support the main objective of the organization. Looking into the engineering aspects of a facility is the core responsibility of a facilities engineer. However, this responsibility brings on a wide range of additional responsibilities as well.

A facilities engineer is required to provide detailed design regarding the appearance and specifications of a facility. He has to develop the designs in accordance with the safety regulations and policies defined by the regional and national regulatory bodies. He has to ensure that the designs meet the quality standards and fulfill the requirements of the organization.

As a facilities engineer, a person is required to meet the vendors, contractors, and other parties and staff. He has to negotiate and provide the best deal to the organization. In case where an existing facility is being renovated, the engineer is required to explain the requirements to the staff and supervise their work to ensure that the desired results are met within the stipulated time.

The facilities engineer has to provide suggestion for continuous improvement in the functioning of the facility. He is also required to train the staff in the engineering and construction department. Preparing reports related to the construction and renovation of facilities and the costs associated to it is also an important responsibility of the facilities engineer.

A detailed description of the facilities engineer responsibilities will help you gain valuable insight into this profession.

Detailed Description of Facilities Engineer Responsibilities

Design Blueprints

The facilities engineer has to design blueprints of the facility, both for new construction and renovation of existing facility. He has to implement design and safety standards and draw detailed specifications that illustrate the internal and external area of the facility.

Appoint Contractors, Vendors, and Construction Staff

The facilities engineer meets and appoints the vendors after researching about the prices offered by different vendors in the market. Similarly, he appoints the contractors and the construction staff after thorough analysis of their competency and experience in this domain.

Quality Test

The facilities engineer conducts tests to verify the quality and durability of the materials used in renovation/construction. His approval is necessary to carry out the process of renovation/construction.

Recruitment and Training

The facilities engineer interviews, appoints, and trains new staff for the engineering department. He has to conduct periodic assessments and report the performance of the staff to the administration for appraisal.

Supervise Construction and Renovation

A facilities engineer supervises the construction and renovation process. He ensures that the process goes as per planned. He helps in resolving any issues that the construction personnel may face during the process.

Documentation and Reporting

The facilities engineer prepares project reports. He shares the project details with the senior managers and federal agencies.

Skills of a Facilities Engineer

To work as a facilities engineer, a person should be:

Becoming a Facilities Engineer

To become a facilities engineer, you need to complete your education with a bachelor's or master's degree in civil engineering or a closely related course. Experience requirements may differ with each organization.

Career Scope

Average salary for a facility engineer is $86,000. Apart from the basic salary, you are entitled to receive travel allowance, 401k insurance, performance incentives, bonuses, and other allowances as well.

The job responsibilities of a facilities engineer will help you understand the requirements of this profession. You also get to know about the qualifications and experience requirements of this position. Like all other jobs, this job too may bring along some additional responsibilities that you need to execute efficiently.

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