FEA Engineer Responsibilities

Finite element analysis engineering is an important application of engineering analysis, where the analysis is conducted on an object divided into many smaller elements of rectangular or triangular shape, interconnected by the network of assembled nodes. CAD software is implemented for this type of analysis.

Finite element analysis (FEA) engineers are involved in supporting all aspects of structural designing, which involve the use of linear elastic finite element models and composite laminate structures. They ensure that the structure designs and models are developed accordingly and tested under specified test condition. It is their responsibility to make sure that the developed model meets all essential standards and regulations.

Key Responsibilities of an FEA Engineer

FEA engineer responsibilities comprise structural designing, development, and testing of finite element models designed for engineering purposes. FEA engineer verifies the structured models and validates its representation of structural behavior. He also has to determine the internal stress and extract interface load of the models, especially near the structural joints. Along with this, they also have to monitor other engineering activities and provide technical solution based on analysis results for developing an optimal design.

The key responsibilities of an FEA engineer comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification required to be eligible for obtaining a job in finite element analysis engineering is a graduate / postgraduate degree in mechanical engineering, mathematical engineering, or other relevant degree in the field of mathematics / engineering. Apart from this, one also needs to have some relevant experience in finite element analysis for obtaining a better position in this field. Candidates with experience in product development process and APQP elements are preferred over fresh graduates.

Along with required educational qualification and professional expertise, one should also possess certain skills that are essential in the field of FEA engineering. The skills required for being a competent FEA engineer comprise:

Salary Compensation

The average salary range in the field of FEA engineering falls in between $55,000 to $95,000 annually. The average salary differs as per the job location, industrial requirement, and relevant experience in this field.

The job profile of FEA engineers is quite work specific and it involves specific analysis techniques for successfully carrying out the responsibilities. If you wish to start a career as an FEA engineer, it would be beneficial to have an in-depth knowledge about the FEA engineer responsibilities before applying for this job.

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