Fermentation Engineer Responsibilities

Fermentation engineers are involved in developing tangible products like food and pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology processes like water treatment plant, etc., by implementing the biochemical principles on plants, animals, microorganisms, humans, and/or biological materials. They work in large scale fermentation industries using fermentation equipment for developing these vital products/processes. Fermentation engineers are also referred to as biochemical engineers.

Key Responsibilities

Fermentation engineers are responsible for cultivating cell cultures and manipulating its fermentation process for obtaining desired products and developing recycling processes from it. Fermentation process involves the use biological components throughout the process and hence it is clean and environment friendly process, though it requires one to handle the entire operation with extreme safety precautions.

Key responsibilities of a fermentation engineer comprise:

Required Qualifications and Skills

The basic qualification needed for being eligible to obtain a better position in the field of fermentation engineering, one must obtain a bachelor's degree in biochemical science, or other related field of life sciences like microbiology, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, chemistry, etc. Engineering graduates with specialization in biological or chemical field are also eligible to for this profile.

Role of an energy engineer is quite function specific, and thus for being successful in this field, one requires to have an up-to-date technical knowledge on the latest discoveries and inventions, industrial development trends, and technical processes involved in fermentation technology, which is needed for implementing proper fermentation processes.

For being a successful fermentation engineer, one needs to possess the following skills, that aides in accomplishing their responsibilities successfully.

Working Conditions

Fermentation engineers mainly works in the industrial plants where fermentation process is being carried out. Also, they may work in a research laboratory or in office environment as per the duties assigned to them. Fermentation engineers needs to be specific about their job responsibilities as they have to deal with hazardous chemical and equipment on regular basis.

Salary Compensation

The salary compensation of a fermentation engineer varies depending on the industry, work location, and the sense of responsibility, Average salary range of a fermentation engineer falls between $55,000 to $85,000 annually.

Fermentation engineers have lots of job prospects in future, and one can get many opportunities in various position, including the management position. So if you have the intellect, aptitude, and skills for pursuing a career in this field , it is advisable to have a thorough look at the roles and responsibilities of a fermentation engineer.

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