Field Test Engineer Responsibilities

Whenever any product is produced, the field test engineer makes sure that it is tested properly to eliminate all the issues before it comes into the market. Field test engineer responsibilities are complex in nature and need to be carried out effectively, so that the final product is free of all the technical issues. Once it is through the testing process, it is ready to be launched in the market or to start with its operational functionality.

Key Responsibilities of a Field Test Engineer

The field test engineer is seen in varied fields like software industry, hardware, electrical, electronics, etc., to name a few. The role and responsibilities will vary depending on the kind of industry he/she is working in. However, his/her prime responsibility is to ensure that the product is tested thoroughly, so that not a single issue crops up after it is being used. His/her duties begin with the designing and installation process followed by testing. His/her job, however, does not end over here. He/she should keep a track of the issues and problems that arise after the launching of the product and should make efforts to resolve them. The following details about the key responsibilities handled by a field test engineer with different job titles will help you in giving a more clear idea:

  1. Field Electrical Test Engineer: The field test engineer in this area is responsible for discussing the projects, both, existing and new, with the potential clients. He/she is involved in preparing the technical drawings and making sure that all the designs have been executed as per the given specifications. He/she takes the help of computers to perform these tasks speedily. He/she carries out all the testing activities to ensure the effective functioning of the product. He/she is involved in training and supervising the team members and guiding them on the various testing procedures that need to be followed. He/she schedules test plans and provides all the relevant technical expertise on the same. He/she may be involved in generating the test reports and compiling all the relevant data, information, and results seen after the testing procedures have been implemented.

  2. Field Software Test Engineer: The field test engineer functioning in the software industry plays a vital role in driving high quality standards to ensure effective operation of the created product. He/she works in close association with the product development team to achieve best results in terms of quality during its designing and implementation processes. He/she actively participates in the entire product development cycle and implements various automated tests by using testing tools. He/she is also involved in troubleshooting and debugging processes and assists in improvising the test infrastructure. He/she monitors the performance during the testing process and makes sure that it is running smoothly.

Essential Skills

A field test engineer should have a technical aptitude and should have a natural ability to identify discrepancies during the testing procedures. He/she should be able to resolve those issues in a timely manner. He/she should be flexible and adaptable to work in a fast paced work environment and should be able to deliver results even under stressful working conditions. He/she should be comfortable working in a team environment as well as should be able to function independently. He/she should be reliable, organized, and should be detail oriented with effective time management skills.

Educational Background

A bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, or any other relevant technical field is the basic requirement to qualify for the post of a field test engineer. Experience in operating various testing tools and familiarity with testing procedures will definitely be an added advantage.

Work Schedule

The field test engineer should be ready to work at any given point of time and should be ready to travel to any given location. His/her work schedule is normally hectic, and generally requires him/her to work in an eight to nine hour shift, Monday to Friday. At times, in some emergency situations, he/she may be required to work overtime.

Salary Details

The average median salary earned by a field test engineer is in the range of $45,000 to $88,000. This large difference in salary is basically dependent on a variety of factors like experience, skills, academic background, and also on the industry type, size of the organization, and the geographical location of the company.

Career Prospects

There are ample opportunities for the field test engineers in various types of industries, and those with a strong educational background and experience have a huge scope for advancement to higher positions.

Therefore, field test engineer responsibilities must be carried out effectively and efficiently in order to become a complete professional in this field and to take your career to greater heights.

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