Graduate Civil Engineer Responsibilities

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering after military engineering. In a sense, civil engineers are responsible for building the world we live in. They design and supervise the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, railways, buildings, irrigation projects, airports, power plants, etc. The structures should be architecturally sound, long-lasting and able to withstand different types of weather through the years.

Sub-disciplines of Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is traditionally divided into various sub-disciplines such as -

Key Graduate Civil Engineer Responsibilities

Civil engineers have work ranging in scale from repair work on a bridge to building a new airport. They can either be consulting engineers to the architects and involve themselves in the designing process, or they can be contracting engineers who build according to the given plan and maintain the structure once it is completed. Some of the responsibilities of a civil-engineer include -

Important Abilities and Skills

Educational Background

Potential Employers

  1. Government departments
  2. Railways
  3. Local authorities
  4. Building contractors
  5. Water or gas companies
  6. Environmental agencies
  7. Power companies
  8. Consulting firms
  9. Oil and mining companies
  10. International disaster relief agencies

Salary Details

Civil engineers, especially structural engineers, can expect to get one of the fattest pay-packets at the entry level. The average salaries fall in the range of $50,000 to $ 63,000. Your qualifications and skills play an important role in deciding your salary package. The geographical location also makes a difference; if you are willing to work in a remote area, your salary will be hiked accordingly.

Career Prospects

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering for a reason. Infrastructure is the backbone of any economy, and it has to be continuously improved and expanded. Hence, civil engineers will always be in demand. Career prospects in this field are quite good and with time and experience, you can work your way up the ranks.

If you have a passion for engineering and would like the fruits of your labor to be admired by everyone for generations to come, civil engineering is a good option for you. Make sure you understand the graduate civil engineer responsibilities before entering this field.

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