Graphic Engineer Responsibilities

Graphics are digital or computer generated visual presentations through designs, illustrations, paintings, drawings, etc. Graphic work needs specialized skill and knowledge to perform the job in a perfect way. One of such works of graphic is called graphic engineering. A graphic engineer responsibilities include creation of engineering drawings representing a particular idea or physical objects or location. A graphic engineer is an active professional with the ability to plan, implement and communicate a concept to another person through his/her drawings. The computer-generated images are often used to analyze the potential value and use of a product, before physical prototypes are created.

Graphic engineers can read engineering plans and develop blueprints out of them. They may find job opportunities in industrial management, machine drawing, tool drawing, architectural design and computer aided design. Their work has a variety of applications across various sectors like marketing, sales, architecture and manufacturing. The work of a graphic engineer is carried out through three dimensional or two dimensional electronic format covering various forms like projection, presentation, development, section, intersection, etc.

The use of right software programs gives the best results to create drawings, designs and other digital forms. These engineers work with several tools like CorelDraw, Acrobat, Excel, Illustrator and AutoCAD. They must work in coordination with other design professionals to understand and interpret the designs properly.

The above mentioned information is just an overview, further below are the graphic engineer responsibilities in detail.

Graphics Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Skills and Proficiencies

Educational Qualification

To qualify for the position of a graphic engineer, one should possess a minimum associate's degree in the respective field of studies viz. Engineering, graphics and design or engineering graphics technology. A bachelor's degree in graphic engineering and designing helps in getting better position and salary. Certified courses from recognized institutes or universities also add value to the profile of a job seeker. The candidate should possess technical knowledge of CorelDraw, Acrobat, Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash and AutoCAD.


In this challenging work scenario, the salary structure of a graphic engineer differs according to the years of experience, tenure of work and respective skills or qualifications of an employee. The average salary for a graphic engineer is $63,000. The salaries often differ based on the type of company, location, industry, and other benefits. Salary is never a barrier for the right candidate in this position. For example, a candidate with a bachelor's degree draws more salary than a candidate who possesses an associate's degree or a company with higher revenue may offer a higher pay scale than a small organization.

If you are looking for a job as a graphic engineer, it is vital for you to identify the graphic engineer responsibilities. This article will surely help you to be clear with the work profile and pave a better career path for yourself.

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