Health and Safety Engineer Responsibilities

Engineering is a vast and growing field comprising of several branches of operation, one of which is health and safety engineering. It is also known as safety engineering and focuses on the safety of products and processes in a working environment. A health and safety engineer is responsible for developing new solutions to identify and minimize potential threats or risks. In order to carry out his/her job responsibilities effectively, the engineer must be educated, experienced and highly trained.

The job of health and safety engineers requires meticulous planning and implementation of safety programs to prevent unsafe working condition. These engineers generally work with various organizations for designing and installing safety devices. Such engineers use their knowledge in prevention of disease or injury, or any kind of damage to the property.

Responsibilities and Duties of a Health and Safety Engineer

Key Qualifications Required for Health and Safety Engineer

Education Required

Health and safety engineers must have a bachelorís degree in any branch of engineering, viz. electrical, chemical, mechanical, industrial, or any other engineering discipline. An accredited program in safety engineering is good enough to get an entry level job of a health and safety engineer. Obtaining specialized training and certification from a recognized institute will have an added advantage.

Salary Structure

The average expected salary of a health and safety engineer in the US was $ $78,250 per year or $36.26 per hour, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010, while a recent survey by Payscale in July 2012 declares that the average salary ranges between $43,278 and $95,891 per year.

Work Environment

Health and safety engineers typically work in an office environment. However, certain projects or programs may require travel and visits to work sites.

Job Outlook

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of health and safety engineers is expected to grow up to 13 percent by 2020. It is projected that the manufacturing and engineering companies will use their services more in the coming years. However, it has been witnessed that opportunities are also opening up in other areas too like health care.

There is a huge prospect in the field of health and safety engineering contributing to a great advancement in your career. If you are confident in carrying out a health and safety engineer responsibilities and have the required qualifications, you may apply for this position without any doubt.

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