Industrial Design Engineer Responsibilities

Design engineer is a generic term that can be used for multiple design engineering disciplines including civil, mechanical, electrical, architectural and industrial design engineering. These experts take care of the entire systems as well as overall engineering aspects of an industry. Industrial design engineers are responsible for designing industrial plants. They may have to design both simple as well as complex equipment. The routine industrial design engineer responsibilities involve providing operating guidelines, design various industrial products, maximize space constraints and develop work scope. To get this job post, the candidates need to have in-depth knowledge of mechanical engineering and vast experience of designing. When a design has to be made by considering public safety, the engineer needs to be a professional license holder.

Industrial design engineer may be responsible for the ergonomic aspects and conceptual aesthetic of a design; they usually team up with designers and engineers to design most critical parts and develop the detail, preliminary and conceptual designs for a particular industry. They work with marketing and production departments to develop the product concept along with the specifications and may direct the design efforts by considering all aspects. Products are generally designed with input from several sources such as purchasing, marketing, tool making, manufacturing and packaging engineering. In addition, these engineers deal with much more multifaceted scientific and technological systems (rockets, aircraft, trains, building structures, dams, spacecraft, ships, urban infrastructure, building structures, propulsion systems, mining exploration systems, production system, military systems, machinery, cars, electronics, computers, oil, gas, propulsion systems, power generation systems - ocean, wind, fossil, nuclear, and power distribution systems, etc.). Design engineers may also have to work with planning engineers to design a particular new system or product.

Job Responsibilities of an Industrial Design Engineer

Industrial design comprises applied science and applied arts to improve the ergonomics, aesthetics and utilization of a product; it may also enhance the production and marketability of a product. The role of an industrial design engineer involves multiple tasks such as:

Required Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge

An engineering graduate in a particular discipline or field such as electrical, mechanical, electronics, civil, etc., can get an entry level job as an industrial engineer. Candidates with an engineering degree coupled with keen designing sense and knowledge of industrial technology and production are usually hired as industrial design engineers. Computer knowledge and sound knowledge of English language is required. A strong background of mathematics is obligatory as the work includes the application of geometry, calculus, statistics, arithmetic and algebra. This job post also demands a command on administration, leadership and management principles which are the essential tools for production, resource allocation, strategic planning, delegation and work coordination.

To carry out the basic industrial design engineer responsibilities, the candidate needs to have knowledge of different fields.

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