Industrial Engineering Manager Responsibilities

Engineering management can be distinguished by the technologically modified skills and nature of the project. In most companies, engineering managers are former engineering graduates whose technical specialization allow them to supervise the projects, employees and production lines effectively in high tech industries such as scientific research, aerospace and semiconductor component manufacturing, and development in fields such as biomedicine. Basically, industrial engineering manager responsibilities involve management of employees' performance in industrial engineering and analysis of industrial procedure comprising the implementation, development and evaluation of procedures to integrate and evaluate the equipment, facilities, materials, personnel and procedures; process analysis and measurement, capacity planning, manufacturing loads and forecasting.

Generally, an engineering manager provides guidelines and directs the technology-related activities and departments of an organization or company. Engineering management is a high level managerial job that focuses on monitoring the employees and reporting to a departmental head or executive.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Though the work of the industrial engineering manager may vary as per the industry, there are some commonly performed tasks:

Key Responsibilities in Brief

There are some key responsibilities that an industrial engineering manager has to perform essentially:

Direct Projects

Supervising the work projects and directing the staff involved in the projects; they may have to provide guidelines in development and research, production and quality control in fabrication industry, biochemical fields and production industries. Engineering managers may have to carry out certain operations, direct designs and keep of maintenance of the facility. These managers work as in-charge of operations that demand technical knowledge.

Supervise Designers, Technicians and Engineers

These technical experts supervise the staff in technology driven departments; this may include both the support staff as well as the technicians. In high-technological companies such that of electronics and aerospace component manufacturing, the managers look after the design as well as the production process.

Set Technical Objectives for the Company

Within the extensive objectives set by executives of an organization, engineering management personnel set the technology objectives for the firm as they have both the technical and business knowledge to identify how engineering and science are helpful for the growth of the organization. These managers are responsible for identifying new technology based opportunities for new product development and expansion of the company.

Required Education and Skills


For the entry level job, the graduate degree in engineering is required. Candidates with experience of supervision and management can get more preferences.


These are the essential industrial engineering manager responsibilities and required skills. Other tasks may be assigned on the basis of business necessity, as their work nature may change according to the size and type of industry.

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