Field Engineer Job Description

A field engineers or a field service engineers is a technician who spends most of his time at the field or the manufacturing site where he helps in troubleshooting the problems. Some people may also call field engineers as field technicians or field service technicians.

He makes use of scientific, engineering and mathematical theories in addressing the problems that arise in the productions plants and helps in the proper functioning of the production plants. He understands the technicalities involved in troubleshooting a particular problem as well as has ability to implement these solutions appropriately. Hence, he possesses abilities of both, engineers and the technicians.

A detailed field engineer job description given here will help you know more about this job profile.

Field engineers spend most of their duty hours on sites; office work is minimal for them. They are most of the times busy fixing problems at the construction sites, oil refineries, airports, dams, tunnels, roads, railways, etc.

The skills required in a field engineer may vary depending upon the job location he has to work in, though there are some basic requirements that each field engineer should possess.

Duties and Responsibilities of Field Engineer

Skills Required

Educational Qualification

Field engineers should have passed a bachelor's or associates degree in Engineering relevant to the industry they are seeking employment opportunity with. If you are looking for an opportunity in an automobile company then you should posses a Mechanical Engineering degree and if you are looking for the position of field engineer on a construction site then you should posses a degree in Civil Engineering.

There are some other technical certification courses such as heavy equipment certification, computer technician certification, etc., that offer training in the related filed. Some companies however provide on-job training for the employees that they hire.


The salaries paid for field engineers differ from state to state. However, the average compensations paid to a skilled field engineer ranges from $49,417 to $65,947. Entry level field engineers are paid less while experienced field engineers earn a higher amount.

Field engineers have opportunities to work as general field technicians after getting experience of 4-5 years. If you are looking for an opportunity as a field engineer then the field engineer job description given above will definitely help you in understating this work profile in detail.

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