General Practitioner Job Description

Do not get confused by the long title, this is none other than your family doctor. The title is so because they are not specialists in just one area of expertise. They are trained to know the whole human body, and all the illnesses you can suffer. For further information, read the general practitioner job description we have provided.

As stated above, the general practitioner is an expert on the whole body. They can treat illnesses ranging from a simple cold to heart disease. Mostly, they are responsible for taking care of a whole family. They can treat elderly people to small children. This profession is quite versatile when it comes to treatment.

The general practitioners mostly get patients from a full family. Hence, they have to keep records on all the patients they treat. They have to know all the diseases that can affect humans. If the problem is minor, they can treat the patient, but if the problem is really complicated, they can refer the patient to a specialist of that particular disease.

General practitioners either have their own private practices, or they can work in hospitals as well. In hospitals, they have to treat all the patients that come in. They are assigned to a patient and have to look after the health of the patient. First, they take down the history of the patient. Then they take down the symptoms, order some tests, and after getting the results, they start them on a line of treatment. The line of treatment could be medication, diet, exercise, it depends on the disease. This is an important part of the general practitioner job description.

The general practitioners have to ensure that the patient follows the treatment, and there is improvement in the health. They have to maintain records on each of them, and have to assign nurses to look after them. However, these are only a few of the duties of general practitioners, to know more details about it, read the general practitioner job description given below in detail

Duties and responsibilities of a general practitioner

Education required by a general practitioner

Career Advancement

This is the highest they can get if they are practicing privately, but if they are working in a hospital they can get to the post of chief of medicine.

The general practitioners require a lot education and training before they can start practicing. The education is quite expensive, but the money they make later, more than makes up for it. General practitioners are very reliable doctors, and not to mention the fact they treat the complete human body, and not just specialize in one particular organ. Hopefully, this general practitioner job description has been helpful.

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