Geologist Job Description

The profession of geologists is fast gaining a lot of prominence as composition of soil is getting affected due to pollution and changes in global temperatures. Geologists study the earth and all the different kinds of soils that are present on the earth's crust. For further details on this profession related with the environment, read the geologist job description given.

Geologist study the different soil condition and their studies are used in determining environmental measures for that place. They are called in by environmentalist to affected areas to measure the amount of damages. The geologists then take samples of the soil and conduct tests on it to determine the impact on it.

One function in a geologist job description is to test the soil for minerals in the area. With their help, we can find out which areas have coal mines, gold mines, natural gas and other valuable natural resources hidden in them. They study the soil and make reports of what minerals are found. They also help in determining which place is the best for mining the resource. They are hired by government agencies or private companies to search for such resources.

Geologists also need to have the latest equipment to carry out tests. It is preferable that they have to their own laboratory, or at least have access to a laboratory to carry out the various complicated tests. Just by examining the soil, geologists can determine a lot of things. They can determine how old the earth is and find out other geographical significance of that place. Their work is important in preservation of the earth's soil.

They also make a significant contribution towards farming. They test the soil and fertility of the farm and advise the farmer on what would be the correct fertilizer for the soil, and what crop would best grow in it. By doing this, the fertility of the soil is maintained, and farming can be done on it for many years. There are more areas where geologists are helpful, to know them read the detailed geologist job description given below.

Duties and responsibilities of a geologist

Education required by geologists

Career Advancement

Geologists can become teachers of the subject if they wish to. Then as a teacher or professor, they can get tenure. Other geologists study further and get doctorates. They can move up in the organization they work in after getting good experience.

Saving the earth is the need of the hour, and though doing this is a part of the geologist job description, they still have to genuinely love doing it.

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