Assessor Responsibilities

An assessor is a professional who determines the fair value of property and assists in determining and calculating the future taxes that will be applicable. Thus computing the market value of the property is one of the main assessor responsibilities.

Key Responsibilities of an Assessor

The assessor interprets the value of the property depending on the trend that is seen between the buyers, sellers, mortgage companies, agents, etc., in the market. The assessor needs to perform several statutory and administrative responsibilities involved in determining the value of residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial type of properties that are within his jurisdiction. Here is a list of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an assessor:

  1. To determine the market value of the property by doing analysis of sales,income and expense, studying the market trends, conducting field inspection, etc.
  2. To provide a detailed information on the value that is being determined by the assessor
  3. To review the property regularly so as to inspect the changes that may have occurred due to construction or demolition
  4. To constantly check and recheck the accuracy of information related to transfer, details of buyers, sellers, the price of the property and make the necessary amendments
  5. He should maintain the tax records and submit them whenever required
  6. He should maintain the maps and data related to the parcel assessed

He also needs to perform a variety of other duties which are as follows:

Essential Skills of an Assessor

To make a mark as an assessor you need to have at least some of the following essential skills:

  1. Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
  2. Exceptional researching ability
  3. Should have a keen eye for detail
  4. Should be able to work independently as well as be an excellent team player
  5. Should be able to supervise a team and resolve their issues
  6. Should have good listening skills and should be able to answer the queries of the client patiently and politely in a clear, concise manner

Educational Qualifications Required To Become An Assessor

To qualify as an assessor you need to have at least a bachelor's degree in economics, finance, mathematics, computer science, business or real estate law. An additional certification or license will definitely prove to be beneficial.

Work Hours for an Assessor

Assessors are mainly employed in local governments. The work hours for an assessor normally do not extend beyond forty hours per week. However, the work hours may be long if he needs to do some field investigation or do the administration related work.

Salary Details for an Assessor

The salary for an assessor falls in the range of$42,000 to $44,000. It also depends on the experience in the relevant field and the supporting educational qualification, certification or license.

Career Advancement for an Assessor

The opportunities will exist only when a person in a similar position leaves the job or retires. The chances to gain a supervisory position are more in the real estate markets. Though it is really difficult to make an entry in this field and acquire the position of a trainee the assessors are less influenced by the volatile economic situation as they are required in every local or state jurisdiction.

So, you are now well-acquainted with the key assessor responsibilities, skills, and educational requirements to make a successful career as an assessor.

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