Insurance Processor Responsibilities

People who have questions pertaining to insurance often consult an insurance processor-to get it resolved as he is an expert at insurance policies. This professional can also be termed as an insurance policy processing clerk since he typically works with an insurance firm and conducts various duties and tasks that involve processing, changing and updating information on the policy application. Candidates who want to work in this type of job post need to have a variety of skills such as using computer system proficiently and typing. Generally, insurance agent responsibilities include completing the process of applications, creating reinstatements, making changes in or canceling insurance policies if required, reviewing insurance forms to make sure that it is completed, compiling information to make changes in policy, compiling information about policies to ascertain automatic reinstatement as per the policies of the company, canceling policies as per the agent's request, and determining the accuracy of the records of the insurance company. In addition to this, he may also have to speak to the customers while completing the application form.

What are the Job Tasks and Responsibilities?

Insurance processors usually have many work activities in their daily work routine. Since they carry out clerical tasks also, their job responsibilities include entering policy information for new customers and updating data for existing customers into the computers. These individuals also maintain files and records for each client or policy holder including policies that are being canceled or policies that are near renewal.

Generally, work activities of insurance processors are similar; however, some may have to perform additional tasks depending on the firm they are working in. Below mentioned are some common tasks, responsibilities and roles of insurance processors:


To become an insurance processor, the candidate needs to hold a high school diploma or similar educational course. They should have specific understanding of certain activities that are required to perform the job tasks. They may sometimes have to deal with clients, so being fluent in the English language is essential. Since they have to carry out clerical duties such as managing files and records, proficiency in handling computer is essential. Knowledge of economics, computer, electronics, math, management, administration, accounting, personal and customer services is required. Most employers seek candidates with relevant experience and knowledge.


An insurance processor must have certain skills essentially such as critical thinking, active listening, judgment and decision making, social perceptiveness, providing quality service, excellency in communication (writing and verbal), monitoring, service orientation and active learning.

These individuals have to carry out a variety of activities and one of the most significant activities is working on a specific computer system with various computer programs. They may have collect multiple type of data from different sources. Some of their additional activities may involve processing information on a regular basis and contacting prospective clients.

Basically, insurance processor responsibilities are to perform clerical tasks which involve updating, processing, and changing information on the policy form.

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