Apparel Stock Checker Responsibilities

In a retailing store that stocks various kinds of apparel and garments, there are a number of people working behind the scenes in order to help with the smooth functioning of the entire store. Such stores have stock checkers who handle the stocking of garments once it arrives from the source and they also help with the restocking of these apparel items after a customer has gone through several of them before choosing the one they like. Apparel stock checker responsibilities deal with the checking and evaluation of newly arrived stock of apparel in such stores as well as maintaining their inventory data in dedicated registers. Apparel stock checkers play a major role due to the importance of their work in the maintenance and functioning of any apparel store.

Responsibilities of an Apparel Stock Checker

Following is a list of the chief job functions carried out by an apparel stock checker while carrying out his/her daily tasks:

Additional Responsibilities of an Apparel Stock Checker

There are number of secondary functions that are carried out by apparel stock checkers. Some of them have been given below:

Skills required

An apparel stock checker has to constantly interact with a wide variety of customers on a daily basis. They also have to communicate with different personnel in the store such as cash counter attendants and floor supervisors. Thus, it is essential to have good communication and interpersonal skills.

As their work involves arranging and setting up apparel in the store, they should have good organizational capabilities. They should be good at handling inventory tasks and stocking the garments in their appropriate shelves and counters. Apparel counters must have the ability to perform well in a team-based environment as well as on their own.


Educational qualifications do not play a major role in the selection of candidates who apply for the position of an apparel stock checker. A high school diploma holder with a flair for stocking products and performing basic customer service tasks are generally considered for this job position.

Prior experience in the field of apparel stores or merchandise outlets gives an edge to the person over other candidates for the job. Training for daily tasks is usually given on the job by assisting senior stock checkers and supervisors in their job functions.

Working Conditions

The work of an apparel stock checker is physically demanding as it involves long periods of standing position and consists of routine tasks that have to be performed on a frequent basis. 40 hour weeks are the common trend in this line of work along with overtime hours whenever required by the store due to heavy work load.

Career Advancement

On the basis of good performance and experience, apparel stock checkers may move on to supervisory positions or even managerial ones if they meet the specific criteria for the job opening. Some of them may get promoted to positions in other departments such as administration or retailing.

Apparel stock checker responsibilities range from receiving the inventory stock of garments to stacking them on the shelves in a presentable manner for the general viewing of customers.

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