Associate Investment Analyst Responsibilities

The associate investment analyst is also known as the securities analyst, financial analyst, research analyst or equity analyst. The primary associate investment analyst responsibilities include researching and analyzing the current economic trends,forecasting and recommending the company or clients to make investments either by buying or by selling the company stock or shares.

Key Responsibilities of Associate Investment Analyst

Associate investment analyst can be employed in several industries like banks, investment firms, securities firms, insurance companies or other businesses. Here is a detailed explanation of responsibilities that need to be carried out by him:

  1. To gather and collect as much information as possible by conducting a thorough market research
  2. To prepare and maintain various charts and graphs to give an idea about the economic condition taking into consideration the risk factors
  3. Based on this research he should be able to make recommendations for the client or the company as to which investment would be beneficial for them. This could be either by buying or by selling the company stock or share
  4. He should constantly monitor the trends in the industrial and economic market
  5. He should be able to interpret the data and convey the financial information to the clients to predict the future economic conditions and the subsequent investment plans
  6. He should prepare plans of action for both, short and long term investment

In addition to these responsibilities he will also need to perform some other duties which are as under:

Desirable Skills for an Associate Investment Analyst

If you have good analyzing skills, can make fast calculations and are good at playing with numbers this is the right job for you. You can start off with internship and after gaining enough experience you can move into a larger organization. To ensure success as an associate investment analyst you need to have some of the following skills:

  1. Should possess interest, knowledge and should have a deep understanding of the financial markets and investment
  2. Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  3. Should be proficient in computers especially in using Excel as he will need to maintain and analyze various reports
  4. Should possess good grasping power and provide recommendations to make innovative investment plans that will benefit the company or the client
  5. Should be able to deliver quality results within stipulated time and budget
  6. High levels of integrity, reliability, a strong eye for detail and good business acumen to make quality investments are some of the other essential attributes

Educational Requirements for an Associate Investment Analyst

A bachelor's degree in finance or relevant field with strong analytic focus is necessary to make an entry into this field. An internship or a demonstrated experience of working with an investment bank or consultancy firm would definitely prove to be of great help.

Work Schedule for an Associate Investment Analyst

The associate investment analyst needs to work for forty to forty five hours per week but occasionally he may need to work for extended hours.

Salary Details for an Associate Investment Analyst

The salary offered initially is very low especially during the internship. However, it will definitely increase once he gains sufficient experience in the relevant field.

Career Advancement for an Associate Investment Analyst

The associate investment analyst can look forward to a great career growth in a firm where he is working and get promoted to a senior position.

To ensure success you must have knowledge about the associate investment analyst responsibilities, skills and the educational requirements to fulfill the desired criteria for that particular job.

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