Equity Trader Responsibilities

The job of an equity trader can be interesting for those who have exceptional analytical skills and have got interest in advising the people on various investment options. The equity trader responsibilities include studying and analyzing a lot of information and identifying what information can be important and how it will create an impact on the company's financial model and then suggest recommendations by interacting with the institutional investors and sales people.

Key Responsibilities of an Equity Trader

An equity trader has an in depth and practical knowledge of the dynamics of the market and completely understands the mechanics associated with trading. He is well-acquainted with the tactful trading decisions that need to be taken in different situations of the market. If you are aspiring to be an equity trader, you should be well-aware of the key responsibilities that need to be handled by an equity trader which are as follows:

  1. To study and analyze the condition of the market and conduct a detailed research on the financial, social, and economic data and information
  2. To buy and sell the shares and securities by utilizing short term trading models which are automated
  3. To recommend ideas and suggestions in order to improve the present algorithms or help in the creation of new ones
  4. To design potential strategies related to trading and determine a course of action that needs to be taken
  5. To evaluate the risk involved and make appropriate decisions and prepare the relevant reports
  6. To constantly monitor and review the transactions to verify the accuracy and ensure that they are in conformance with the rules and regulations of the governing organizations

They also help in developing the training curriculum and training the new members on the same. They keep a track of the ongoing irregularities and fluctuations happening in the market and advise people accordingly on the most complicated purchase and sale of securities. They constantly strive to develop and improve profitability by facing the challenges of the increased competition. They are responsible and accountable for predicting the future market trends and identifying the new trading opportunities to ensure the growth and profitability. They should assist the trading team and guide them by giving ideas on long term trading. They should constantly maintain and research the market trends for better preparation and anticipation of the market.

Essential Skills

An equity trader should be intelligent with strong analytical ability and good grasping of the market trends. He should be a creative thinker and should be able to take sound decisions confidently, even under pressure by taking into account the risk factors involved in it. He should have an entrepreneurial spirit and should carefully be able to strike a balance between patience, aggression and emotional stress. The most important skill is that he should have a strong interest in the financial market and should have a passion and desire to trade. He should possess strong IT skills.

Educational Qualifications

A bachelor's or a master's degree from an accredited university in mathematics, statistics, computer science, finance or business would be preferred. A master's degree in investment, finance, or economics would also prove to be a great advantage. An additional certification or training will help in getting the job more easily.

Work Hours

The work schedule for an equity trader normally lasts up to forty to forty five hours per week. They may need to work overtime during evenings or even at late nights. Sometimes, they may need to work overtime even on the holidays or weekends.

Salary Details

The average salary offered is close to $69,000. The minimum offered is in the range of $41,000 while the maximum can go up to 1,23,000. It, however, may vary with academic background, certification, and the changing trends in economy.

Career Prospects

The demand for equity traders is surely going to rise in the coming years. If the performance of an equity trader is really outstanding, then he will surely be promoted faster to higher positions.

Thus, to ensure success, it is essential that you take the relevant education and imbibe the required skills, so that you can shoulder the equity trader responsibilities efficiently and effectively.

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