Investment Banking Vice President Responsibilities

Investment banking is nothing, but a financial institution that is responsible for advising and raising money for the corporate or government organizations or any wealthy individual. The investment banking vice president responsibilities comprise advising the corporate business organizations on mergers and acquisitions, debt issuances, leveraged buyouts and initial public offerings. The vice president normally is seen as the project manager who is responsible for either a live transaction or may be involved in marketing activities. He/she is responsible for managing the client database and the senior bankers oversees the work of the subordinate members. Thus, the effective implementation of these responsibilities is essential to meet or exceed the assigned goals and objectives.

Key Responsibilities of an Investment Banking Vice President

The investment banking vice president is the key person who is responsible for a multitude of responsibilities like conceptualizing, planning, organizing, developing and delivering new business presentations, calling the prospective clients, analyzing and researching the market to carry out financial analysis, making legal agreements and developing and fostering client relationships. He/she is the leader, especially in executing the merger and acquisition transactions and takes efforts to start and generate new deals. To get a better understanding of the role and responsibilities that need to be handled by this professional, mentioned below is a detailed description of the various duties:

  1. He/she is involved in executing and managing the actions in equity offerings that will include the drafting and structuring of material, logistics management, issue identification, its analysis and the resolution.
  2. He/she is responsible for mergers and acquisitions and manages the creation of buyers list, their contacts, drafting the relevant material, financial analysis and management and is involved in private equity placement.
  3. He/she researches and identifies new deal opportunities by formulating and issuing factual financial analyses and creating different kinds of financial plans.
  4. He/she is involved in pitching or selling the organization's products and services to the new clients and may be involved in other projects as well.
  5. He/she may participate in due diligence meetings with non-proprietary or proprietary investment managers and create relevant call reports that include their opinions.
  6. He/she may be involved in analyzing the investment products and screening them by making effective use of a variety of investment data and the relevant software applications

In addition to the above responsibilities, he/she monitors the investment products and their performance. He/she analyzes the relevant statistics to evaluate the appropriateness of the product. He/she manages relationships with the investment management organizations and regularly gets himself/herself updated by getting valuable information from them. He/she attends the industry conferences and training sessions, so as to present innovative ideas to the clients and assist them in providing a better insight. He/she is responsible for providing leadership and overseeing the work of the subordinate members. He/she may also be involved in training and mentoring the junior staff members and actively participates in lead projects that focus around investment products. In short, he/she needs to handle a wide array of duties like managing the clients and senior banker, overseeing the work of associates and analysts etc., thus playing a crucial role in client development and activities associated with marketing.

Essential Skills and Abilities

Taking on the role of an investment banking vice president is a huge responsibility and if you have the right skills then the job would be much easier. Good business acumen combined with strong interpersonal communication skills is essential. He/she should be organized, well planned and should be able to work under stressful work conditions. Strong accounting and financial analysis skills with attention to details and proficiency in handling Microsoft Office products would prove to be an advantage. He/she should be totally committed to deliver quality services to the clients by advising them in an appropriate way and must be result oriented.

Educational Background

The basic eligibility criteria to make an entry in this field is that an individual should have completed a bachelor's degree in finance or accounting from an accredited college or university. Any individual who has a master's degree in business administration or any other relevant field will surely get the job more easily. The candidates who have Series 79 and 63 licenses or have previous working experience will definitely be preferred.

Work Schedule

A lot of their work involves attending phone calls, answering emails, meeting prospective clients, etc., but much of this work is completed within the standard business hours. On some occasions he/she may be required to work late in the evenings, or at nights. Some may work on weekends and holidays as well.

Salary Details

The professional in this field can expect a minimum salary of $250,000, which can go up, depending on the location, type and size of the organization. The remuneration is also dependent on some other factors like the candidate's individual skills, education and experience in that particular field.

Career Prospects

Though the transition to higher positions may be tough, if you have demonstrated your capabilities then you can easily get promoted within three to four years. You can be promoted as a director, principal or as a senior vice president depending on your performance.

Thus, handling the investment banking vice president responsibilities is definitely not an easy task, but if they are carried out in an effective and efficient manner, then your career will definitely progress faster. This will not only ensure professional growth, but will also help in developing your personality.

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