Investment Consultant Responsibilities

If an individual knows the finance sector in and out and is thoroughly well equipped with knowledge of various aspects involved in this field, then he/she can pursue a career as an investment consultant. The investment consultant responsibilities comprise advising the clients on making wise investment that will eventually lead to achieving their short term and long term financial goals. He/she provides a comprehensive investment consultation and financial planning and helps the clients to receive excellent services and ensures that they remain satisfied.

Key Responsibilities of an Investment Consultant

The investment consultant plays a crucial role in meeting the clients' requirements and suggesting him/her with plans that will help in reaching their financial targets. For this, he/she assesses the clients' financial and economic condition and assists in providing customized investment plans. He/she tries to build effective relationship with the clients and provides them with knowledge of various investment products and services. Outlined here are some of the basic responsibilities that need to be executed by an investment consultant:

  1. To determine the financial situation of the client by compiling all the relevant financial details provided by the client
  2. To research the market conditions and provide the clients with solutions that will be best suited to meet the requirements
  3. To build professional and healthy relationship with the existing clients and to develop rapport with the prospective clients as well
  4. To assess the risk tolerance levels of the clients and assist them in designing strategies and plans that would assist them in achieving their long term goals
  5. To monitor the performance of the investment that were suggested to the clients and provide them with the updated information on the same
  6. To be able to make presentations to the clients and help them to understand the investment options and opportunities in a better way

While carrying out these duties the investment consultant makes sure that he/she adheres by all the rules and regulations and any other related regulatory policies. He/she responds promptly to any queries or issues that are faced by the clients and ensures that he/she matches the clients requirements with the product and services that perfectly suit his/her requirements. He/she critically analyzes various investment markets and tries to evaluate the impact it had on the performance of the investment. He/she creates accurate and detailed reports by conducting analysis of each specific individual client. He/she notifies the clients if there are any critical issues and actively participates in the meetings with the clients. Thus, he/she plays an important role in reviewing the investment structures, studies the allocation of assets and makes business presentations on any investment related activities.

Essential Skills

The individual aspiring to stabilize in this field should be self motivated with superior analytical, communication, and project management skills. He/she should have the ability to multi task and prioritize work in the rapidly changing work environment. He/she should possess good technical skills with attention to detail and should be ready to work in a collaborative team environment.

Educational Background

The basic entry level education necessary to qualify for this position is a bachelor's degree in finance, math, economics or any other relevant subject. Those who have completed or are pursuing a Chartered Financial Analyst designation or a master's degree in business administration would also have an edge over other candidates.

Work Schedule

The individual needs to work during standard business hours and may work overtime in case he/she needs to attend some meeting with the clients.

Salary Details

The remuneration offered for these professionals normally ranges in between $38,000 to $129,000. This variance in salary is normally dependent on the prospective individual's skills, academic background, and experience in that field. It may differ according to the size, type, and location of the organization.

Career Prospects

The prospects for the individuals aspiring to make a career in this field really look bright and promising. Those with advanced qualification and experience will definitely climb the ladder of success more easily.

Thus, to be a successful professional in this field, the investment consultant responsibilities must be carried out effectively as well as efficiently.

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