Investment Operations Associate Responsibilities

The investment operations associate responsibilities are crucial to any investment firm and includes providing material support to the investment or client operations team to make sure that the client related operations, trading, and other related duties are completed in an appropriate manner.

The investment operations associate is responsible for preparing the investment operations related documents, processing the client statements, carrying out the reconciliation duties, etc., in a professional manner. To perform these duties effectively, an individual needs to have the right kind of educational background and skills.

Here are a few details that will explain in detail the key factors responsible to make a successful career.

Key Responsibilities of an Investment Operations Associate

The investment operations associate is responsible for a wide array of responsibilities related to administrative and operational processes of client portfolios.

The duties are mostly related with administrating the client account, preparing and managing the client reports, collecting and verifying the price data of the securities, computing the fees, providing support in investment, trading and research, and handling trade and account reconciliation.

To help you to understand the responsibilities handled by this professional, here are a few points that will provide you a better insight:

In addition to the above responsibilities, this professional works in coordination with other hedge fund managers and other team members so as to facilitate in taking effective decisions, help in preparation of the documentation, and promptly respond to the inquiries made by them.

He/she compiles, drafts, and distributes any investment related trade instructions like notices of redemption, subscription agreements, transfer agreements, etc. He/she also ensures that the data integrity has been maintained properly and that it has been analyzed and monitored.

He/she creates, updates the processes logs and systems whenever there is a need. He/she tries to design and implement various control techniques and methodologies that would assist in implementing automated solutions. He/she is responsible for taking a lead position and ensuring that the recurring projects are completed in a timely manner and communicates the results to the management.

Essential Skills

Educational Background

To be eligible for this position, the individual should have completed a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college in accounting, finance, engineering, etc. A strong academic background combined with experience in financial services would prove to be an advantage.

Work Schedule

Though this professional works during the routine standard business hours, occasionally he/she may be required to work extra in the evenings or during the weekends and public holidays.

Salary Details

The average salary offered for an investment operations associate roughly varies in the range of $33,000 to $44,000, which may differ with experience, skills, and educational background. The location, type, and size of the organization are also the key detrimental factors that will decide the final salary package.

Career Prospects

Those who carry out their duties with utmost commitment and dedication and have gained sufficient expertise in all areas of investment operations is sure to get promoted to higher positions and can even become the COO of the organization.

Thus, to ensure a rewarding and a lucrative career ahead, the investment operations associate responsibilities should be shouldered effectively and efficiently.

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