Investment Representative Responsibilities

Most of the corporate organizations or individuals are keen to make investments that would help them in guaranteeing better returns, ultimately proving to be a wise decision. On some occasions, however, they may feel confused while taking decisions. It is here that the investment representative plays a crucial role and is also commonly referred to as investment advisor. The investment representative responsibilities comprise advising the clients or the business organizations in developing financial plans by adequately using his/her knowledge and designing strategies that would eventually lead to accomplishing the financial objectives of the clients. He/she maintains the existing clients and tries to grab new potential clients as well.

Key Responsibilities of an Investment Representative

The first and the foremost step taken by the investment representative is to assess the financial status and condition of the client or the business organization he/she will be working for. He/she gathers and compiles each and every financial detail of the client and tries to understand the motive of their investment. Based on the financial assessment, he/she develops plans that would help in meeting their financial targets by designing strategies. These strategies are designed by conducting a thorough research of the market and by assessing the client's liabilities, assets, taxes, insurance coverage, cash flow, etc. He/she sells the financial products and services of the organization and helps in the management and administration of their investment. Here is a detailed description of the core responsibilities that need to be performed by an investment representative:

  1. To identify the needs of the clients by using various tools and to provide an exceptional experience to the existing as well as the new clients
  2. To be involved in planning business activities that meet with the assigned weekly and monthly sales as well as service and referral targets
  3. To be responsible for proactively initiating phone calls to prospective clients, fixing up appointments with them to discuss their requirement and offering them financial solutions that will assist in achieving their goals and objectives
  4. To be accountable for accurately compiling, capturing, gathering and validating the client's personal as well as financial information and ensuring that all the documents are in accordance with the organization's rules and policies
  5. To demonstrate a strong code of ethics, principles, and values by adhering and protecting the client's confidential data and information
  6. To regularly review the accounts of the client and modify plans whenever there are any major changes in terms of economic changes or life changes

In addition to the above responsibilities, the investment representative may recommend change in strategies with respect to investment planning, insurance coverage, etc. He/she is responsible for handling and answering all the clients' issues, complaints, and queries. He/she monitors the financial market to ensure that the designed plans are effective and provides the clients any additional and valuable information that may be of great significance to him/her. He/she tries to identify new areas and opportunities for investment. While designing an investment plan, this professional makes sure that the client provides him/her with the minutest financial detail and contacts the client in case there are any changes. He/she may participate in meetings and trade shows and is responsible for presenting the reports related to sales. Thus, he/she needs to handle a wide range of duties and helps in guiding the clients to make fair investment decisions.

Essential Skills and Abilities

To ensure success in this field, an individual should be able to exhibit values of trust, accountability and team work combined with good analytical skills. He/she should be ready to work under pressure situations and should be comfortable working in a team environment. He/she should have the ability to meet the targets and should be extremely well organized and detail oriented. He/she should have strong communication and interpersonal skills that would help in managing the old and new clients. Good researching skills will also prove to be an advantage.

Educational Background

Most of the employers prefer to hire candidates who have completed a high school diploma. The individual who has completed an associate degree in business management will also be eligible. The experienced candidates will, however, be preferred during the selection process for this position. A professional series 7,63,65,66 or 72 license may be required by some employers.

Work Schedule

The job of this professional is full time and may work indoors or outdoors. Normally, he/she needs to work for forty hours per week, Monday to Friday, with occasional overtime, depending on the priority of the work that needs to be completed.

Salary Details

The salary is determined based on a variety of key factors like skills, educational background, and the work experience that an individual has in that particular field. It may vary depending on the size, location, and type of the organization. The salary range that is normally offered for this position is in the range of $88,000 annually according to one of the job portals.

Career Prospects

The career prospects for this professional look bright and promising. Not only is the future lucrative, but if an individual is able to prove his/her skills and is backed with suitable academic background, there is no looking back and your career will definitely rise to higher levels.

Thus, before you make an entry in this field, make sure you will be able to handle the investment representative responsibilities well to ensure a rewarding and a successful career ahead.

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