Lab Technician Job Description

The people who conduct laboratory tests in a pathological lab are known as lab technicians. Their job is extremely important as the tests they conduct help doctors in determining the overall health of the patient and what disease they are suffering from. To know about this important profession, read the lab technician job description.

Lab technicians conduct tests on the samples that are provided to them. The samples are of blood, urine, stool, sputum, etc., in case of biopsies, they are provided with tissue samples of the affected area. They have access to many chemicals and modern equipment that help them determine findings about the sample. Almost every disease in the world is detected through these laboratory tests. Hence, their job is extremely important in the fight against diseases.

Lab technicians are exposed to hazardous material. Hence, they have to maintain hygiene and should always wear protective gear so they are not harmed in any way. They also have to be careful while handling the samples. If these samples are dropped or lost somehow, the patient will have to give another sample. It can be painful if the sample that is lost is of tissue or blood. Hence, they have to strictly follow the duty of carefully handling samples stated in the lab technician job description.

The findings they make have to be countersigned by the departmental head. The lab technicians have to be hundred percent sure about the finding they have made. If the sample is inadequate, they can ask the patient to provide more samples. The findings they make have to be printed on a report and have to be given to the patient or their relative. Confidentiality about the report has to be maintained by them.

Lab technicians have a hectic life, but the pay they make is good along with the benefits due to risk factor in their profession. The lab technician job description given in bulleted points below will give you more information than what is provided above.

Duties and responsibilities of Lab Technician

Lab technician's education is of high standard. However, it is not very expensive. The working condition for them is good as they get to work inside a high-tech lab. One advantage is that they get a chance to learn a lot on the job. The future prospects for them are also good.

Education Required

Career Advancement

Lab technicians become laboratory in charge or lab managers after gaining good experience. Some of them also train the new technicians and teach them about conducting the tests.

The lab technician job description is to conduct test on samples provided by patients, but their job benefits them in a huge way as the doctor is then able to come to a conclusion and can begin treatment immediately.

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